Free Work Out: The Santa Monica Stairs

Free Work Out: The Santa Monica Stairs

Catch me at the Santa Monica stairs just workin’ on my fitness…

No gym membership? No problem! Hit the Santa Monica stairs on 4th street in Los Angeles for a FREE  & intense work out! I guarantee you you’ll be sore for days. And who knows? You may run into one of your favorite celebs while you’re working out — the stairs are known to be a celeb hot spot.

Don’t be alarmed if you can’t do more than 2 sets, they’re super hard! It took me a long time to work up to 5 rounds and sometimes I just leave it at 3. Listen to your body. And when you climb, step with your heel first, not your toe.

The best times to go to the Santa Monica stairs are either early morning or when the sun is starting to set. They can be hard to do when it’s hot out.

My favorite thing to do is do 1 round, then walk for 5-10 minutes and repeat. I sometimes mix in other ab and arm workouts in between sets as well. The Santa Monica stairs can be a great full body work out and the best part is that it’s free.

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