Okay, since this is the week of D-Day — I mean V-Day — I thought I’d do a post for all my fellow single ladies (and gents) out there. 

Here are 17 reasons why we may be undateable!

I’m so tired of people looking at me like I must be a serial killer because I’m not in a relationship! Anyone out there feel me on this?

I see way too many girls feeling like they need to settle because they are scared they won’t find someone else. I see way too many guys who think they’re too cool and sexy to approach a girl they’re into. Once in a while a real gem comes along and shows you why it’s worth it to wait. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. But until another gem comes along, I’m not settling. So yes, I am single this Valentine’s Day. And I’m totally okay with it.

xo NM

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