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5 Tips For Starting Your Own Blog

5 Tips For Starting Your Own Blog

Ever since I started Give Me Mora, I’ve gotten tons of messages asking how I’ve been able to create my own blog and how I was able to do it successfully. blogging2The truth is, starting a blog is not easy by any means. Yes, anyone can their own website in this current digital world, but getting people to stay on your site is a whole different beast.

Here are some of my favorite tips and best advice for starting your own blog:

1) Take your time. Do not rush the process! When I first decided I was going to start a blog, I had already tested out my audience on Tumblr and knew the direction I wanted to go in. In the beginning I tried to speed through and get it done, but taking a step back really helped me figure things out.

2) Keep your day job! Oh my goodness, if I had 5 cents for every single time someone told me they wanted to quit their day job and start a blog just like I did, I would be retired on an island somewhere! First and foremost, I still have a day job where I work at least 30 hours per week so I can pay my own bills. Secondly, until you are freaking Song of Style or Kristina Bazan, you very well can work 2 jobs. Or in my case, 3! Will it be hard? Yes. Will you miss out on some things? Absolutely. It’s difficult and you will have to put in work on the weekends, but if you manage your time correctly, it’s possible!

3) Get social. Okay, so you’ve started your blog. Cool. Now what? How are you going to get views? Or get people to share your work? You can’t do it without social media. Use your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and be sure to hashtag. Keep it simple and use no more than 3 or 4 hashtags per post. Tweet at people you think would be interested in what you have to say. 60% of my viewership every month comes from people seeing Give Me Mora on all social media platforms due to post shares, RTs and Instagram.

4) Be consistent. Make sure you are posting at least 2-3x a week. If someone logs onto your site on Monday and comes back on Saturday to see there are no new posts, you’re done. That person most likely isn’t coming back. Which brings me to my next and final piece of advice…

5) CONTENT IS KING. A blog is nothing if the content isn’t good. Your content needs to be better than good, it needs to be divine. What type(s) of articles do well on your site? Link up Google Analytics to check out your numbers and assess. When you have that info, you can create content based on what does well. When your content is fabulous, you’ll soon see other bloggers copying your sh*t and you can think to yourself, look mama I made it! I will admit that I used to write articles with no purpose just for the sake of getting a post done, and my numbers reflected that. But now, my articles are exponentially better and my numbers are better than ever. Be creative. Don’t steal people’s ideas (it’s not cute). Be yourself!

Do you have any other questions in regards to blogging? Sound off & I’ll answer them for ya!

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