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Switched At Birth Sneak-Peek

Switched At Birth Sneak-Peek

Okay, I’ve got to admit here, I’m kind of obsessed with ABC Family shows, so when I was invited to the press junket for “Switched at Birth”, saying I jumped at the opportunity would be an understatement. I’ve been waiting for the new season of this show for what feels like forevs! I sat down with the characters we all know and love (fun fact: my interviews took place in Angelo’s apartment) as well as some new characters we can expect to see this season. Here are the breakdowns of my interviews and what you can look forward to. Enjoy it as much as I did! xo NM


Max Adler, Miles “Tank” Conroy

You may instantly recognize Max from “Glee”, where he played the insensitive jock that would torture ‘Kurt’ for being gay, but this time around, we’re seeing a new side to Max as he plays Miles, or “Tank”, as they call him. You will love seeing this new side of Max!

Give Me Mora: You play a new character on the show, can you talk a little bit about what your character is like?

Max Adler: My name is Tank on the show — real name Miles Conroy — he is a frat guy at the college and is pledging to Omega Psi. Frat life means a lot to him, it’s just kind of what he was always told to do — same with football — he’s just this guy that is going through the motions of life and society and is doing what is expected. I’ve kind of said that Tank is like a caveman, but Bay can kind of turn him into a civilized man. Is he afraid to grow up and make that leap or does he kind of want to stay the joking, jocky frat boy his next few years of college. So yeah, how you meet him is kind of just this obnoxious class clown who doesn’t have much culture or passion for art, but once he meets Bay, he gets into that world.

GMM: So does that mean there’s a bit of a love affair going on?

MA: He definitely develops a crush on her, but whether or not it goes anywhere remains to be told. You know, she’s a pretty, beautiful and intelligent girl and that kind of blows Tank away.

GMM: How were you able to get into this frat guy character? Were you a frat guy Max On Setyourself?

MA: No, I didn’t go to college actually, so I had a lot of questions for my friends that did and were the presidents of their frats. I’ve played the frat guy character a few times in my career, and you know, I’ve visited the frat houses and everything. So, it’s really beyond just joining a frat, it’s really belonging to a group of people and having a place to fit in, making friends,and that’s why his struggle will be interesting to watch when there’s Bay tempting him out of that lifestyle.

GMM: Can we expect to see you in the show all season long? Or for most of the season?

MA: You can, yeah, definitely. You’ll see Tank in 10 out of the 11 episodes we’ve shot.

GMM: What was it like coming onto a set that was already established?

MA: It was really awesome, and really a seamless transition. The cast and crew could not have been more welcoming and amazing and they just really embraced me with open arms. It’s nice because it’s already this fluid machine that’s already working, and you kind of already come into the program easily.

GMM: Any show secrets you can hint at for us?

MA: Show secrets?! (laughs) There is a frat party you’ll see in episode one where Tank might have to come to Bay’s rescue. There’s also a road trip that happens with Tank and Vanessa, who plays Bay, and is amazingly talented, by the way, and Sandra Burnhart, who is awesome and plays my art teacher on the show. So there’s definitely some things you can look forward to.

GMM: Who is the prankster on the show?

MA: We all are, really!

GMM: Is it one of those sets where everyone is kind of pulling jokes on each other?

MA: Everyone is always having a lot of fun. DW so far has been a pretty good prankster. But really all of us play jokes on each other and Vanessa and I play some intense games of 20 questions.

**You can follow Max on Twitter: @Mr_Max_Adler and keep out for his upcoming films!


David Castaneda Jr., Jorge Castillo

Give Me Mora: Introduce us to your character, Jorge.

David Castaneda Jr: Jorge happens to be a nurse practitioner that works at the East Riverside Clinic. In terms of who he is, he is an old soul. He’s very caring, very attentive to others, and because the clinic is very hectic he tries to be light-hearted too.

GMM: What kind of character archs can we see from you throughout the new season?

DCJ: I mean, one of the biggest things, is that the character arch is when Daphne shows up because she’s from East Riverside and my character is, also. There’s a connection. There’s an essence about it that my character catches immediately. Of course there are obstacles that I think will be fun to watch.

GMM: So we can expect a little love story here?

DCJ: A little bit. Keepin’ it really classy.

GMM: You are also a newbie on set, what’s it like?

DCJ: It’s fun! I remember the first day coming in I was kind of a dear in the headlights because everyone has already established themselves on set – they are two seasons deep already – and what’s great is that everyone really treats you like family. I mean, it’s called ABC Family (laughs), but they bring you in with open arms. They really made me feel at home from the get go. By the time it was time to have launch, everyone was like hugging everyone.

GMM: You probably felt like you’ve already been there for years!

DCJ: Yeah and I’m like ‘oh my goodness’, and even talking to the other new cast members, they say the same thing. Everyone is just so talented behind the camera and in front of it that it’s fun to come here everyday. My sisters watch the show and I feel like the pressure coming from my sisters to be good! I don’t want to disappoint or ruin the show for them!

Jorge and DaphneGMM: Did you watch the show before you started working on it?

DCJ: No, I didn’t. My sisters filled me in on it. Before the process of actually getting the part, I told them I was reading for the show, and they were like ‘Oh my god!’ and they were talking about Daphne, and Emmett and Bay and all that. Of course, I saw a few to get the feel of it and I was thoroughly impressed.

GMM: It’s funny because my mom was the one to get me to watch the show and once I did, I was hooked. It’s such a pleasant surprise.

DCJ: It’s so relatable. It has a message for everyone; it has a message for adults, for teenagers, and you can look at it and be like ‘wow, I really get it.’ It’s really a show for every type of person.

GMM: How were you able to get into character?

DCJ: A lot of dancing! Jorge is in the medical field and a lot of it is not taking it too seriously. It’s coming in, coming as prepared as possible and interacting with everyone and just being free. It’s some big shoes to fill, as to who this character is and what he can bring.

GMM: What’ a day on set like?

DCJ: Well, a day starts with some tea (laughs), I’m not a coffee drinker. Come in and the typical hair and make up, you do rehearsals and you get ready to shoot. I try to get to know the crew members as much as possible, because they don’t get the credit for how good the show is. They have this club called the 300 club. The sound department started it and these guys are like jacked. So I was like how do you guys stay in such great shape, cause you know, they have to hold the booms and stuff, but they started this 300 club where they have to do 300 push-ups throughout the day. They spread it out throughout the day, you do 50 here, 10 there, and there’s no betting or anything, but anyone who wants to do it can. Let me tell you, it’s really tough!

GMM: Ha! Were you really sore the next day?

DCJ: Yeah! It was tough because I would do a set and then I was sweating so make up has to come in and touch you up cause you’re so shiny. But I mean, it’s great. They welcomed me and now I do it with them.

GMM: So who else is in this 300 club?

DCJ: In terms of the cast, I still have to ask. It’s not like I’m going around like ‘hey, wanna join the 300 club’ but it’s nice because it keeps you up especially when you have long days.

GMM: Who’s the prankster on set?

DCJ: RJ. Definitely RJ.

 **You can follow David on Twitter: @DavidCastanedaJ


Lucas Grabeel, Toby Kennish

Lucas Grabeel may be best known for his roles on “Halloweentown High”, “Return to Halloweentown” and all three “High School Musical” films, but his role as Toby Kennish proves Grabeel is a multifaceted talented actor.

Give Me Mora: Back for season 3! How is it?

Lucas Grabeel: Season 3! It’s going great. We’re actually about it wrap it up; we’ve only got a few more episodes left to film. But it’s been great, we’ve had a lot of fun as usual.

GMM: How has season 3 been different from the rest?

LG: Well for me, for my character, I’ve taken a left turn a little bit. I’m married, but my wife (Nikki) is in Peru, so I’m lonely and alone. I move out of the house, I get my own apartment, I’m trying to become a man, and I start coaching the girls field hockey team at Carlton, which takes me back into the sports world. But it’s great, because my character gets to bond with his sisters a little bit more, I get to take Bay out of her comfort zone, cause you know, she’s not very athletic.

GMM: Are we going to be able to see you doing music more this season? Switched At Birth chair

LG: Not in the first half of the season. Maybe later…I don’t know, they don’t tell me. That’s part of my story line that I’m distraught without Nikki being here. It’s kind of a continuation of where we left off second season where I’m trying to prove to everybody that I can be an adult. So I’ve got the car wash still, and this new coaching gig, and keeping this rag-tag team together is a full time job in and of itself and I’m starting to pay my own bills and for my apartment.

GMM: So we are not going to see much of Nikki then since she’s in Peru?

LG: Right. She’s in Peru for 6 months so we will see her for a little bit but not a lot.

GMM: How is Toby different from all of the other characters that you’ve played?

LG: I would say Toby is, in a lot of ways, more like me than the other characters I’ve played. When I first auditioned for the show, the character was kind of the total opposite of me, but once the writers got to know me, they kept writing the character more like me.

GMM: Basically you just show up and go to work as yourself…I mean no big deal (laughs).

LG: (laughs) Yeah, basically! I mean, aside from the fact that my dad was not a professional Baseball player and I did not grow up in a mansion…but yeah, in a lot of relationship or school situations, I kind of just think back to where I was when I was 17 or 18 and how I felt about that. You know, I didn’t go to college either. I packed up my bags and moved to LA when I was 18, so I can closely relate to the whole aspiring musician thing, ‘cause that’s what I do in my personal life aside from this. A lot of my other characters have been out there.

GMM: Is music something that you really wanted to have them incorporate for Toby?

LG: I was extremely happy when they asked, but they actually didn’t know. They found out when we shot the pilot and then presented it as an idea and I was like ‘totally! That’d be awesome!’

GMM: The season left off with Toby kind of having some relationship problems with his parents…are we going to see more of that in season 3?

LG: Definitely, yes. The separation and leaving from home is definitely hard on everybody and it’s a lot of him trying to be defiant and say ‘look, I’m a man, I’m drawing the line.’

GMM: What exciting stuff can we see this season? Secrets?

LG: I know Vanessa (Bay) is starting college which is different for her and there’s a college boy, which she thinks at first, is just a friend. But he turns out being kind of into her. That’s a curvy road that goes on all season.

GMM: I’m hearing there are some pranksters on set…

LG: Are there? (laughs)

GMM: I don’t know, are there? I’m hearing ther are some…

LG: DW would be the first thing off the top of my head. He’s a prankster in the way where when the camera is over your shoulder he might start doing like German sign language – there is no actual German Sign Language – but you know what I mean.

GMM: Have you learned Sign Language through shooting this?

LG: Yeah. I mean, I’m not fluent yet, but I’ve learned a tremendous amount. And I’ve taught my girlfriend everything I know so we kind of get to communicate that way.

GMM: Like a secret language when you’re out.

LG: Yeah, it’s excellent for a loud bar or something, and you can talk that way.

GMM: What’s next for you?

LG: I just released my first single, 135n8 and February 11th I will be releasing the music video for that. It had been a while since “High School Musical” and I wanted to step it up and do something on a large scale. I brought back the choreographer from “High School Musical” too. I wanted to create and elaborate on something on the most highest creative level.

 **Follow Lucas Grabeel on Twitter: @MrGrabeel


RJ Mitte, Campbell Bingman

Any “Breaking Bad” fans out there? Look who’s joined the cast of “Switched At Birth”!

Give Me Mora: What’s it like being on the show?

RJ Mitte: It’s nice, I enjoy it! I was very excited when they wanted me to read for the part. I’ve been keeping track on “Switched At Birth” — I do a lot of work within the disability community — and I’m always trying to push people to see that [quote style=”boxed”]Just because you have a disability, it doesn’t mean you are disabled. Having a disability is another aspect of who you are and what you are capable of. The human body is very resilient that you can do anything if you have the will power and mind power to achieve that. [/quote] With Switched at Birth, it shows disability in a whole other light. It shows people having fully normal and functioning lives, where so many people think that’s not possible. That’s what’s so amazing about this show and why I’m so excited to be a part of this show. I went from one amazing set to another. Great cast, crew, directors and producers. It’s been really fun.

GMM: You went from “Breaking Bad” to “Switched at Birth”…quite a bit of a jump there!

RJM: (laughs) A little bit, yeah!

GMM: Were you freaked out from all that “Breaking Bad” mania?

RJM: It’s insane. It’s interesting. It’s been like that in the last year. It just kind of blew up and it kept going. I’m happy people enjoyed it and I loved every minute of it. You know, “Breaking Bad” and “Switched at Birth” are very similar in the sense that it was not about Walt Jr.’s disability, it was about his issues and how he’s dealing with it. With “Switched at Birth”, it’s the same thing. You see all these people living their day-to-day lives. It’s very important because people don’t understand that. Working on “Breaking Bad” gave me so much knowledge and continued to teach me after the show. I’m very lucky and honored to have been a part of that show and I’m very lucky and honored to be a part of this show as well. I think it’s very detrimental to the audience and to the world to see shows like these that show realism in the world.

GMM: It’s crazy because now you have two different audiences now, but it’s also kind of cool.

RJM: Yeah and it’s important to note that both characters are very different. And I hope people see them as different characters.

GMM: I know that your character on “Switched at Birth” is in a wheel chair…are you getting restless on set?

RJM: (laughs) No, not really. I play Campbell Bingman, pre-med student, sophomore, working at this free clinic to get his degree, where he meets Daphne and they hit it off and it just kind of goes from there. There’s going to a be a little love triangle that ensues, but it’s going to be good. The thing that gets me is my Cerebral Paulsy — it makes my tendons tight. I constantly have spasms because my tendons are constantly tight. I stretch and do all that, but at the end of the day, they still contract. Every once in a while, I’ll be sitting in the chair and I’ll be doing a scene and I’ll feel my legs just tighten and I’ll keep saying to myself, ‘Just don’t twitch! Just don’t twitch!’ (laughs) This is literally what goes through my mind, like if I move just please don’t catch it on camera! I really hope that people that see the show see the characters in a different light.

GMM: Are you in the entire season?

RJM: Why don’t you just watch and see?

GMM: I mean…I’m already an avid watcher!

RJM: Oh, are you?

GMM: Yeah! I love it.

RJM: Thank you, thank you. Yeah I’m in the whole season. It’s going to be a good one.

**Follow RJ Mitte on Twitter: @RJMitte


Sean Berdy, Emmett Bledsoe

I’ve always loved watching Sean Berdy play Emmett mainly because he gives audiences a better understanding of the deaf community. In real life Berdy is deaf, but that’s never stopped him from pursuing his acting dreams. It was really a fun experience interviewing Sean, along with his Sign Language translator.

Sean Berdy: Too bad I’m deaf and can’t hear my own interview!

Give Me Mora: (laughs)

SB: I love being deaf because it’s just so amazing. The quiet. I live in a world of silence and I love it. Every moment of it. You guys will probably never understand it.

Behind the scenesGMM: (laughs) I can’t even imagine! How does it feel to be back for season 3?

SB: It’s great! I knew that the show had potential to come back because the ratings are good and the audience loves it. There’s so many audiences that this show reaches out to and it’s really great.

GMM: What are we going to see happen with Emmett this season?

SB: You know Emmett is in a holding pattern. He’s quiet right now. He’s letting everything go. He has some scenes at the high school where all the drama is going. Emmett is there as an observer for now until more unwinds.

GMM: No love triangles…no love interests?

SB: There will always be love triangles and interests’ for the duration of the show. I can’t imagine that would go away.

GMM: Is it hard to keep secrets from your family and friends about what’s going to happen?

SB: It’s not that hard…I think it’s pretty easy. My parents raised me to be very private and not to share too much (laughs).

GMM: (laughs) You’re making an interviewer’s job very difficult with all these secrets!

SB: (laughs) Yes, I understand how you feel. I know you have to work to get the answers, so you know, work and I’ll flex a little bit. You have to understand my personal side too is a little quiet.

GMM: What are you most excited for us as the audience to see in regards to Emmett?

SB: Well, you know it’s not that Emmett and Bay are going to reunite…they do have scenes together…but I think that’s going to be the most exciting part to see where that goes.

GMM: How do you relate to Emmett?

SB: I love music, I love playing the drums. I love motorcycles but I don’t ride. I asked the studio if I could ride but they said no (laughs). It’s a little frustrating sometimes because I’m on the motorcycle filming a scene and Emmett is about to take off and then you hear ‘Hold on! Get the stunt double!’ (laughs). Totally throws me off!

GMM: What is a day in the life on set like here?

SB: Every day is different. But everyone is still using Sign Language. It’s really becoming such a part of the cast and crew. Everyone is using their hands and raising their hands. Sometimes we’re shooting and we have a close up on one character and people play jokes by signing to them. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of love.

GMM: There’s been a lot of talk about the pranksters on set today!

SB: Yes there are some, but I don’t believe I am one of them.

GMM: Do you pull pranks?

SB: Not really, but verbally I do! I shock ‘em with my voice (laughs).

GMM: What has been the craziest thing to happen to you while you’ve been filming?

SB: I can’t think of anything maybe ‘crazy’ but something that stands out is that this huge light fell right in the middle of the scene right next to me. I mean, had it hit me, I don’t know if liability insurance would cover it (laughs). Also one crazy thing is when I was with DW and the two of us were in his character’s Porsche and he kept making me laugh but the camera got it and put it somewhere else in the show!

GMM: What are some final thoughts about this season?

SB: Just that Emmett will keep showing up on the program, that’s something for the audience to look forward to and I hope they enjoy it! In relationship to the love story, I think they are pulling back on that. But anywhere it goes, Emmett will be there.

 **Follow Sean Berdy on Twitter: @SeanBerdy


Katie Leclerc, Daphne Vasquez

I first met Katie during my time at Trojan Vision at USC where she came in to be interviewed for CU@USC. I loved her then, and I love her even more now! She is such a bright light and has such great energy. Plus, she’s a great cook!

Give Me Mora: Do you find yourself reading the scripts now and it’s more Katie than your character?

KL: I feel like in the beginning it was more ‘me’ than it is now. Daphne is really becoming her own. My family has restaurants in San Antonio, and I love to cook,  and so does Daphne! My aunt and uncle have a food truck and in the show Daphne has a food truck. It’s all this weird coincidental circumstantial type of thing. And now, with Daphne moving on to the health clinic, she’s maturing in a way that Katie has not (laughs). It’s a really interesting storyline because at first Daphne is forced into it by the state and John and is kind of just making the best of it. Then there’s this moment where the cards are on the table – life or death – you gotta decide who you are and what you are capable of. From that moment on, the clinic turned out to be an incredibly huge blessing for Daphne.

GMM: I hear you have maybe a possible love story…

KL: Or two (laughs)!

GMM: I feel like, honestly, with this show, you have just been getting into different love situations!

KL: Alright, let’s just be real here. Daphne has ‘daddy issues’ (laughs)! So at the clinic, there is Campbell who is a daredevil and he’s reckless and it’s exciting for her. Then there is Jorge, who is honest and sweet and reminds her of where she came from. At this point, she’s kind of just letting those two guys duke it out. And whoever wins, wins.

GMM: Did you learn Sign Language?

KL: No, actually, I learned it in high school because I was bad in Spanish. I didn’t know I had a hearing loss until 4 years after high school and then 3 years later I got this job.

GMM: What’s it like to play a character that has a disability?

KL: It is great! (Cue in someone bringing in a Starbucks for her and Katie jumping up and down – let’s be real, I would have the same reaction). It is great to play this character. [quote style=”boxed”]One of my favorite things about our show is that we are able to provide hearing people a window into a world they would not have otherwise experienced.[/quote]  What we do is show what deafness is, each character has a different sort of deafness. I, Katie, have Meniere’s disease and we showed a character that has that. It’s an educational tool that we have to kind of show the world a different side.

GMM: Exactly. I saw the episode where it was all completely silent and in Sign Language, and I thought ‘woah, this is DOPE!’ This has never been done before.

KL: It was the hardest episode we’ve ever had. The silent episode was the first of those funky off-kilter episodes. When we went to work that day, there was this buzz, this energy that we knew we were doing something exciting. There was so much energy that was in that episode. The “Fringe” episode was also amazing!! It was the first time people got to hear my real speaking voice.

GMM: How are you able to get into that speaking voice?

KL: Well now that we’re in season 3, it’s sort of second nature now. I can turn it on and off. When I first started, I went into the audition knowing Sign Language but without an accent. They said ‘ok, great, come back in two weeks with an accent’ so I called my sister who also has Meniere’s disease and we mapped out a specific hearing loss for Daphne and what things she would be able to say and not be able to say. It was crazy, I made my family nuts for 2 weeks!

GMM: I saw that you and Daphne both cook…do you actually cook for the cast and crew too?

KL: Yeah! Lucas Grabeel does too! I will make banana bread and have extra and bring it over.

GMM: I’ll need to get some recipes on the site!

KL: Totally, yeah! Let’s do it. My parents own a Chinese restaurant in San Antonio, which is the most random thing. I think that the secret family recipe is all Asian (laughs).

GMM: What do people cook for you?

KL: I’ll cook, you do the dishes!

GMM: Are we going to be able to see the two story lines with the different families?

KL: Senior year, I think Daphne is more independent. There are definitely family elements but this season is really about the girls maturing and growing into women.

 **Follow Katie Leclerc on Twitter: @KatieLeclerc


Vanessa Marano, Bay Kennish

Vanessa Marano is definitely not a stranger to TV – you may recognize her from “Gilmore Girls” or The Comeback” – but she leaves her mark on “Switched At Birth” with her portrayal of Bay Kennish. Not to mention, she makes you feel like you’ve been friends with her for years! Love her.

Give Me Mora: What’s it like to be back for season 3?

Vanessa Marano: Amazing! We finally made it to season 3! Felt like we’ve been in season 3 since season 1. It’s weird because it feels like I’ve already been here for so long.

GMM: When did you know it was a success?

VM: After it came out, we knew it was a success! (laughs) It opened with one of the highest numbers ABC Family’s ever had for a new show. I’ve been acting for a very long time, and I’m a very skeptical person when it comes to work, and so I’ve done a lot of pilots that haven’t gotten picked up. But whatever, you do your pilot and see what happens. The minute we did the table read for this show and the words on the page were brought to life, I saw the reaction of the entire network and everyone in that room – in that moment, I was like ‘this is going to get picked up.’ I’m really excited to be on something that is doing so well, that is not just a family show. It incorporates a really important part of our society that we tend not to shed light on, and that involves the deaf community and the use of American Sign Language which is great, as well as the story lines with the boys, and switched drama and everything.

GMM: And you’re dealing with the boys…

VM: Bay is always dealing with boys (laughs)!

GMM: No, literally always!

VM: Always! Like always! I’ve gotten to a point now where a new boy comes on the show and I look at them and am like ‘you’re lovely, but don’t get comfortable! (laughs) You’re lovely, you’re talented, but don’t get comfortable.’ Our sound operator told one of the guys, ‘you’re not going to be around here long!’ (laughs) You can’t tell people that! She just does – she goes through boys and it’s a fun thing to do because I don’t do that in my own life so I kinda get to get that out on screen.

GMM: Now that we’re in season 3, how is Bay similar to you? Is she more catered to you?

VM: Oh yeah, she’s absolutely more catered to me now. It’s funny because Bay is probably a mashed up version of Lizzy Weiss our creator, and me as a person, and like a “Switched at Birth” girl thrown in there! The way it started out was that Daphne’s the good one and Bay’s the bad one, but through Lizzy writing it and me acting it, we’ve gotten to this weird hybrid of a person (laughs). There’s so many things like Bay’s not good at sports…because Vanessa is not good at sports. Bay can’t dance…because Vanessa can’t dance. Bay learned Sign Language because Vanessa was able to learn it! So yay me being able to do one thing!

GMM: How hard was that for you? Learning Sign Language?

VM: Very difficult! It’s another language. But I’ll tell ya, it’s a lot easier than when they try to make me to sports! They wrote in that my car is a VW…well that’s a stick shift…and I’m a child of the 2000s and have never driven anything like that before. Bay has definitely become more of a ‘I can’t do that’ sort of thing, because I am a child actor (laughs) and I’ve spent most of my life on set learning how to walk and memorize my lines.

GMM: What are your hidden talents?

VM: I actually, funny enough, draw. Not as good as Bay in any respect or form. I draw, I can sing all the chemical elements…

GMM: Wait, what?

VM: I was on a show called “Gilmore Girls” – they wrote that my character was on a bus and she was singing all of the chemical elements! Oh, by the way, can’t actually sing. BUT! I know all the chemical elements!

GMM: (laughs) Well it definitely makes it easier to have an intellectual conversation!

VM: Yup! Exactly. Uhm, any other hidden talents…I’m a decent baker?

GMM: Lots of cooks in the kitchen.

VM: I know! Katie is amazing! Don’t get me started on that one. She’s like a dream housewife who has a career (laughs). She’s like the perfect woman! Like whatever, Katie Leclerc, we’re all impressed (laughs). And yeah, that’s kind of the extent of my hidden talents.

GMM: What do you bake?

VM: Cupcakes and biscotti, ’cause I’m Italian and my grandmother used to make those. This is the problem with cooks in general, and why I’ve gravitated towards baking…with baking there are ingredients, exact measurements and cooking there is not! At all. And my father is a fantastic cook, really and truly, and he’s so great so I was like okay ‘teach me!’ and I don’t get it…like what do you mean just ‘feel it’?

GMM: Do you ever think Bay will ever settle with just one guy?

VM: Well, she hasn’t yet, but she is also only 17 years old (laughs). I feel like she will. I know the whole fan base is really interested in Bay and Emmett, so who knows? I would hate for her to settle down though, because that means I don’t get to do more scenes with different boys (laughs).

 **Note: Vanessa does not have Twitter!

Thank you so much to the people at ABC Family for having me! Everyone truly welcomed me and were so sweet! Be sure to tune in tonight on ABC Family at 8PM!

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    Eating Crab Outta Mykonos With Nobu

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    Cardi B: Why We’re All Rooting For Her

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    The Grammys Live Blog

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