First Vlog! SXSW With Sweetbitter & Google (TBT)

First Vlog! SXSW With Sweetbitter & Google (TBT)

When I got asked to attend SXSW with Starz for their new show, Sweetbitter, I decided it was time to start vlogging. My team has been BEGGING me to do this for years, and while I feel like a total dweeb doing it, it’s actually kind of cool to have the memories to look back on. 

Sweetbitter is Starz Channel’s new showing airing this Sunday. In honor of the new show, Starz created a Sensory House for Sweetbitter and their other new show, Vida

I was in Austin, Texas for SXSW for literally less than 48 hours. It was insane. We booked my flight the day before. I’m spontaneous sometimes, but I’ve never been this spontaneous. 

From having too much wine at LAX, to running around Austin making new Blogger friends, to hitting up the popups for SXSW, and to barely making it home in time, I captured it all for you! 

How did you like my first vlog? Would you want to see more of these?

Don’t forget to catch Sweetbitter and Vida this coming Sunday! You can download the Starz app and receive 7 days of streaming for FREE

xo NM

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