The Love Series

The Love Series

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I have had the WORST writer’s block lately, y’all. Every time I sit down to write, I end up writing poems for myself about my favorite topic ever: love. Well, the universe works in really funny ways because as I was sitting at my desk, I got an excerpt from one of my favorite writers & close friend, Magi Camaj

Magi and I text back and forth all day long about love – heartbreak, falling, human nature, all of it. We question it & we discuss. This girl just gets it. And while I was dying from boredom at work considering just being a lady of leisure, I got a spark thanks to Magi. 

Welcome to The Love Series.

Give Me Mora will now have a section in the Read MORA where absolutely anyone can submit their work and have it posted here! We can post it anonymously or link your socials. I’ll be sharing other writer’s work I love and maybe hop on here to put my own thoughts/feelings.  You can submit your thoughts or writing all about love through our website here or to me through DM on Instagram. 

It’s only fitting that Magi is the first one to start off The Love Series. Enjoy! xo NM

How do you love?

I think it is important to think about this. We always think about how other people will love us, but we never take the time to think about the way we love and how that will have an impact on how other people love us. Do you even love yourself? Can you love yourself? Have you forgiven yourself for certain things that you have done? Have you taking the time to heal?

I know that you search for something that has meaning, but do you really know what meaning is? It scares me that you can sometimes search for love in bodies that were not made to be your home. You search for love and things that are temporary, and things that will leave. In turn, they will take a piece of your soul and it will feel like you are damaged. It will leave you feeling like love will only hurt you, which is why I say that love is the most real at its highest form. Some have different methods of finding it and that is OKAY because every human being goes through different experiences and deals with life differently then you might.

So, there is no formula for finding love.

My only critic is the way that people treat it today. So go ahead and have your many options. Go ahead and give pieces of your heart to those who are not meant to be your home. Go ahead and abandon your heart and search for something that will never fulfill you. Go ahead and disconnect yourself and live in fear and guard your heart and refuse to be vulnerable and refuse to break your walls and not trust another person and refuse to let anyone in and not be in touch with your emotions and only have logic that does not make decisions tied with the heart. But when you do this, make sure that you do not speak of love because you can’t expect to receive something you are not allowing and you can’t give something that you yourself wouldn’t receive. So go ahead.

– Magi Camaj

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