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The Relationship That Never Could

The Relationship That Never Could

We’ve all experienced a relationship that almost happened and could have been great, love2but didn’t and wasn’t. Maybe you were too young, too closed off, from different races or religions, lived in two different countries or cities, but for whatever the reason, it couldn’t live up to that great big love potential.

It was, to put simply, the relationship that never could. Like the little engine that could, but the complete opposite.

You two had something electric. Unexplainable. Something so magical it felt like pages were ripped out from your favorite love story and turned into your reality. I like to call it the real-life fairy tale moment. 

But then circumstances intervened and brought you back down to planet earth. And boy, did that fall hurt. 

It’s funny how sometimes life can get in the way of love, leaving us to wonder “what if?” What if we had been older, the same religion, lived in the same city or country…would it have lasted? Or do we feel this way because maybe we are programmed in some way to want what we can’t have?

Deep down, I think we all know know when it can never really work out, so we put our guard up and never give it a real chance, which leaves us wondering what it would have been like had we given it our true 100% dedication. And who knows, perhaps you gave it everything you had regardless of the situation(s), but that doesn’t mean the thought lovethat it had to end at some point wasn’t creeping up in your head. For some, it is better to have experienced part of it than none at all. Others, however, find it hard for their practical relationships to live up to that amazing experience they once had. 

Had we put our guards down to let ourselves feel – and I mean really feel – would we still have experienced the same thing on a more deeper level?

Like any story-worthy relationship, it’s complicated. When you live on opposite sides of the world, you’re living a holiday romance. When you’re young, it’s easier to be naive and closer yourself off from the realities of life. When your faith is important to you but you fall in love with someone who believes in a different one, eventually you will hit a crossroads. 

[highlight]I have to believe that if that person was really the right person for you – regardless of the situation – it would have worked out. [/highlight]That life has bigger plans for us, and maybe this was something that had to happen in order to find the little relationship that could. And no matter what, when it’s supposed to, you will find your person.

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