Things People With Anxiety Do Not Want To Hear

Things People With Anxiety Do Not Want To Hear

Here’s a little fun fact: I have anxiety. I’ve always had it and I’ll probably always have it. Learning to live with it is a process — a process that has taken a while but that I’ve finally learned. I’m fine now, I’ve been fine for a long time, but everyone’s situations are different. Unfortunately no one ever wants to acknowledge that it’s a real thing. So if no one else is acknowledging it, guess who is? We are!

I used to get upset when people would tell me “it’s all in your head, mind over matter” or “calm down.” anxiety-girlUHM, let me think here for a second, don’t you think if I could “calm down” I would? I mean calming down sounds like a more pleasant option than having an anxiety or panic attack, no? Don’t be a dumbass and use your brian for a second. However, now I honestly just feel sorry for them, their lack of brain cells and move on.

When I came across this article, I had to share it for my fellow peeps who feel me and for those who have friends with anxiety.

Oh, and remember, don’t make it about YOU when your friend is having massive anxiety. Thanks.

xo Nic Mora

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