Travel in Luxury on Almost Any Budget

Travel in Luxury on Almost Any Budget

A recent news article reported that 24% of Americans say that they cannot afford to take a vacation. Additionally, 49% “say they don’t plan on taking a vacation this summer” at all. While there are obvious reasons and circumstances that cause people to be unable to take a vacation, many who can still forgo travel. This is even in spite of research that shows that travel is good for your mind and body!

No matter what your budget looks like, you can travel and travel well. You don’t always need a bank full of cash to enjoy the finer things in life. Explore some of the top strategies to live like royalty on your next vacation.

Fly with premium perks

Not a frequent flyer? Not a problem! Don’t settle for the price and class that you can book through airline companies. First, in advance of your trip, see if any of the credit cards you use come with special flight upgrade options, priority boarding, or points that can be redeemed for free air travel. Second, you can instead do a bit of research to see if the airline you plan to fly with has a membership program. Some airlines offer a paid membership that gives you access to incredibly low flight fares, as well as special member perks. Finally, a few dozen airlines place unpurchased first-class and other pricey seats up on special auction sites. Bid on these a week in advance for last-minute travel to score an exceptional price on a premium experience.

Stay in 4-star accommodations for the price of a 2.5-star

Tip: Never book your accommodations at your hotel upon arrival. Often times, this will result in you paying higher rates than you should ever have to pay. Instead, take advantage of booking through discount booking sites about one week to a month in advance. If you are flexible with the hotel in which you plan to stay, some sites allow you to pick the general area you want to stay in, and the star rating you’d like. These deals often allow you to stay in a 4-star (or sometimes even a 4.5-star) hotel for the price of a 2.5-star. If you end up paying $100/night, you’ll still enjoy the same perks as those who booked the same room for $300/night. Alternatively, you can use sites like Airbnb or VRBO to score amazing prices on entire homes, or exclusive locations.

Try the finest food and beverage

Have champagne taste on a fast food budget? If so, there are thankfully many ways for you to enjoy world-class meals for a reasonable price. In many tourist cities, many premium dining restaurants offer their lunch menu at half the cost of dinner. If you have some of these experiences on your list, simply enjoy your nicer meal of the day at lunch. Also, eat like a local by checking out the daily specials offered at nearby restaurants. From half-price bottles of wine, to low prices on premium appetizers, going to a specific restaurant on a certain day of the week can save you big.

Whether you are planning to get away for a week or a weekend, be sure to leverage these strategies to live well while on vacation. Between airline memberships, to knowing how to book a 4-star hotel for a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy a luxury experience on almost any travel budget.

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