An Unlikely Tarot Card Reading

An Unlikely Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card readings are all the rage these days. I’m guilty of being tapped into the world of psychics and healers. Who can resist a psychic reading? I can’t. 

The other day, I was stuck in West Hollywood with some time to kill. My usual Verve work spot was too crowded so I headed over to Andante. As I settled in, I began speaking to the girl across from me. Turns out she does tarot card readings and I decided to try my luck. We chatted about life, sun signs, and energy.

Her name is Kali and we legit could not stop talking. She’s been doing tarot card readings for 15 years and is also a medium and energy healer. With a psychology background, she is better able to understand the mind and allow for the spiritual tools to have a more profound effect. Kali studied at the Psychic Institute where she was able to really tap into her gifts outside of tarot reading. 

Here is what went down:

You get to ask Kali 3 separate questions – something really hard when you want to ask 100. Once you ask your question, she shuffles her tarot deck and pulls the cards. 

Question 1: What’s going to happen with my TV career?

Kali said: Remain as independent as possible. Develop your own career and be the mastermind behind it before you partner with anyone else. YOU will be the one that draws people in. 

Question 2: What’s going to happen for me in love?

Kali said: Your highest dreams in love are highly supported. You should not settle. Show the universe how serious you take your vision of love. You can have what you REALLY want. The more you become yourself as a woman, the more you attract it to you.

Question 3: How are the next few months going to go for me?

Kali said:

November – a lot of opportunities and offers. A lot of people are going to want to career court you. 

December – Make a decision about the offers. What direction are you going to take? Choose the direction that makes you feel the most emotionally fulfilled

January – Get very clear. Set up your own thing. You will have to present your ideas.

February – A mix of hard work and revisiting the past. Once these opportunities start to take off, it will be total transitions. I feel as though you will be starting a new life chapter here. 


I loved my time with Kali and walked away like I made a new friend. Of course, I try to take any type of psychic reading with a grain of salt, but I do believe in the power of manifestation. Sometimes we just need that little push to really believe everything is going to be just fine. 

Follow Kali here.

xo NM

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