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Via Los Angeles Holiday Party

Via Los Angeles Holiday Party

Last night some of the GMM girls were invited to the Via Los Angeles holiday party at The Private Room in Beverly Hills.  The event was a pop-up shop & holiday party all in one! It was equipped with Mint nail polish, handmade jewelry, purses, T-Shirts & fun hair stuff for all guests to do.

Via Los Angeles is featured on our Blogs We Love and it’s easy to see why. Since the Give Me Mora headquarters is in Los Angeles, it’s been cool for the team to check the site to find hidden gems in the area and local businesses to support. 

Nic headed to the “color pop” station and spruced up her dark brown hair with streaks of pink (her favorite color). The Private Room offers this service at their salon for only $15! It’s temporary, as it’s done with special chalk for the hair and it just adds so much umph. The Private Room also offers “The Bang Station” where for $20 dollars you can choose from over 10 different types of bangs — the stylist will have a consultation with you and give their recommendations. For a face shape like Nic’s, they recommended The Bombshell or The Flirt. Go figure that one of them was J.Lo!

We had a great time at the event and met so many cool people. Thank you Via Los Angeles for having some of the GMM team at your party! 

Take a look at some photos we took at the event below!


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  • Sharon says:

    The color pop station and hair braid are def what is go back for. Loved it.

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