Women: The Equal Sex #FitnessFriday

Women: The Equal Sex #FitnessFriday

Lets be honest, living in todays society is very difficult. And one of the major issues that we seem to face on a daily basis is our womenwholiftown self-image. Ive trained multiple women who are constantly concerned about their bodies. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean you have to train smarter to obtain the real body that you want. So here are a few facts that I think will benefit women in their long journey to become super fit. But before you start your journey…let me touch on my #1 point
[highlight]In this trainer’s opinion, women should start lifting weights.[/highlight] I know what you’re thinking and I hear it ALL THE TIME,” I don’t want to become super bulky and muscular! That’s nasty! Im just going to do cardio,” but I have news for you ladies, you will never become what you fear. Testosterone is one of the major building blocks of muscular growth and size. Since levels in women are typically 5 percent to 10 percent of those in men, women don’t have the same ability to become gorillas, its just not naturally possible. Now, I don’t mean that women need to become professional strong men or power lifters. However, women have the same potential as men to become extremely strong. And why not push yourself to your fullest potential, right?
If you’re still on board with my theory, let’s move on. I have five undeniable reasons to why women should be lifting weights, so lets get started!

1. Weight lifters have more effective fat loss!
Think weightlifting only benefits those who want to build massive muscles? Not even close. Although many people consider weightlifting only a means to add size, when compared to cardiovascular exercise, strength training wins the battle in burning the jesse 4most calories.
The huge advantage to weight training is your body’s ability to burn fat during and after exercise. Weight lifting has been proven to burn 3x the amount of calories vs cardio while at rest. After a challenging strength training workout, you continue to consume additional oxygen in the hours and even days that follow. When your body uses more oxygen, it requires more calories, which in turn, increases your metabolic rate.

2. Lifting weights builds confidence
This isn’t an advantage normally considered with heavy weight lifting, but it’s one of the most incredible perks. Anytime I take on a new client who is new to weight lifting, their confidence goes through the roof. It’s happened every single time.
One of the most likely reasons is because it allows them to see what they’re physically capable of doing. Many women are astounded when they perform their first set of picture perfect push-ups (and I’m not referring to the “girl” variety). Their face lights up with joy when they achieve a bodyweight chin-up. And let’s not forget how empowered a woman feels after ripping a lot of weight off the ground via some deadlift variation.

3. It takes you out of your comfort zone
Ladies, don’t become victim to the fitness hype and think that by doing the same routine over and over again will bring you different results. Yes, lifting weights is intimidating at first, but if you want to get results other methods have failed to produce, jesseyou’ve got to get outside your comfort zone. Also, if you want to test and build your physical strength, you have to challenge yourself in new ways. This initial step outside of your comfort zone will take you way further then just in your fitness game. The confidence and ability to adapt to change will make you unstoppable in life.

4. Throwing weights around will help relieve stress
Exercise in general is a great way to manage stress. But researchers have consistently found that those who perform regular strength train sessions tend to manage stress better and experience fewer adverse reactions to stressful situations as those who do not!
In addition, weight-training studies have been proven to show that it may help with memory and cognitive function. So next time you need to blow off some steam, hit the weights.

5. Build the body you really want
Many of my clients come to me after trying other popular fitness methods that failed. They’ve done the whole “light weight for very high reps” thing, and they’ve most certainly put in their fair share of cardio, often to the tune of hours every week. But despite their efforts, they never get the body they really want. People want that lean, toned physique they jesse 2so desire. As we have discussed, women need to lift heavy, challenging weights just like men in order to gain muscle. While machines do provide sufficient stimulation to gain muscle, nothing can beat free-weight/compound exercises.

All of us want to feel strong, determined, and confident in everything we do: from fitting into jeans, to moving heavy furniture, to playing with kids, to dealing with a stressful career.
Resistance training can benefit in all aspects of your life. Put it in your fitness plan and feel stronger, healthier, and more confident! So ladies…START LIFTING! I promise you, you wont be sorry.

– Jesse

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