Work Out & Watch TV

Work Out & Watch TV

Watch TV, work out and don’t pay for a gym!

Sounds epic, right?

This post is for the TV lovers out there who are too busy watching TV instead of getting active!

Here is a list of 43 TV shows — there’s one for any type of viewer out there — and some fun work outs you can do on the floor during the show. No need to feel guilty watching because you’ll be getting in some great work outs.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”14″ size_format=”px” color=”#ff6666″]Our favorites[/typography] ? The Bachelorette, Friends, Vampire Diaries, New Girl, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Which ones will you be watching and working out to?

xo¬†[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”14″ size_format=”px” color=”#ff6666″]GMM[/typography]

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