25 to Life: A Bloodbath

25 to Life: A Bloodbath

Hi Friends – This week on The Bachelor, we lost a TON of people and got some ominous words of wisdom from the departing contestants. What does it all mean? Is this meant to throw us off the scent? Are these breadcrumbs to lead us to the Yellow Brick Road? Let’s find out.

To be continued… I guess

Since we didn’t get to finish the episode last week, the inevitable happened… Onyeka and Nicole went home after their nothing fight. This was not a surprise to anyone. For Colton, who has been very invested in making sure people are here for the right reasons, seeing two women fight about nothing is not sexy. What a waste of a TBC!

Hannah B. and Colton finally get their 1:1

After weeks of anticipation these two crazy kids finally get their day in the mud! Colton and Hannah B. spend their date getting massages, being bathed in mud and making out. That’s pretty much it. This was very similar to his date with Cassie where nothing much was said, but it was clear that the “physical” part of their relationship was pretty solid. Later, Hannah B. told Colton that it was hard for her to open up because her parents were divorced. Colton’s parents are also divorced so there is that. She get’s the rose and they make out some more.

The Group Date from Hell

It’s a little too late for a physical challenge date at this stage in the game. At this point the girls are over it, they are ready to get their aggression out. The gang learns about vovinam, the Vietnamese martial art. Then, the girls end up fighting each other. Fun right? WRONG. The date gets real weird real fast and Colton pulls the plug hoping to spend more time with the ladies in the evening. During the evening, Sydney starts to melt down. She isn’t getting the attention she wants, and frankly the attention she deserves. She tells Colton she needs more from him. He can’t give it to her. She decides to leave, but before she does, she says one thing: “Don’t get distracted by shiny objects. There are girls who don’t want to be engaged here. Make sure you pick the right person.” SHOCKED. This line made Colton think about who was here for the right reasons and he thinks he sniffed out the rat… or did he?!

Kirpa Comes from Behind

Kirpa get’s the other 1:1 date this week which was a surprise for many of us. She has been a dark horse this season and I didn’t have a lot of faith that this would turn out well. Come to find out… Colton really likes Kirpa! The two of them talk about her previous engagement and how her ex-fiance was saving themself for marriage. They bond over that a bit. She get’s the rose, but the date was pretty uneventful.

Demi’s Departure

Later on, Colton got a visit from Demi in her Fenty Beauty Glossbomb. She thinks that this is her moment to get some touchy feely time with Colton. He lets her in, but he’s not into it. He pretty much says he’s not going to get there with her. As she walks out she leaves Colton with another ominous message, “There are girls who are not here for the right reasons. Be careful and make sure you pick someone who is here for you.” SCARY, RIGHT?

Cocktail Party

At this point, Colton is a little freaked out. This is the second time someone has told him to watch his back. As a result, he decides not to hold a cocktail party and we go right to the rose ceremony. Kirpa, Tayshia, and Hannah B. already have roses. We get through the shoe-ins: Caelynn, Hannah B., and Cassie, and we’re left with the final two—Katie and Heather. He’s going to pick Katie, right? WRONG. Katie goes home and not without a message of her own, “Watch your back, bro. There are still girls here who don’t want to get married.” Third time is the charm. Colton is officially gooped!

Who is here for the right reasons? When is Colton going to jump the fence? And is the women tell all going to get ugly? I can’t wait!




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