25 to Life: Hannah Be Bold

25 to Life: Hannah Be Bold

Hi People,

Another week, another doozy of an episode of The Bachelorette. Is anyone else softening to Hannah B? I am really turning a corner on her. Just when I thought she would be a nightmare of a Bachelorette, she is really surprising me! Let’s get to the show.

Labor Pains

The first group date brings together a few of the guys to learn about the process of motherhood including a quiz on the female reproductive system, learn how to change a baby’s diaper, and of course feeling sympathy labor pains via electric shock. I loved this date and among all of the fun, Mike took the rose and the time to shine by sharing his story about his ex losing their baby in her second trimester. An appropriate story told at the right moment for Hannah to learn more about him.

Nurse Connor to the Rescue

Hannah was down for the count this week. We’re not totally sure what happened, but it involved Hannah going to the hospital, getting some fluids and being on bed rest. Instead of going sailing, Connor came to her hotel room to hang out with her during the day. I think this was probably the best date they’ve ever had on the show. I always love a “hang out date.” Later, Connor came back for his rose and a quick private concert with Lukas Graham.

Spon Con Photoshoot

The second group date was fully sponsored by the upcoming film, The Secret Live of Pets 2, and featured a photo shoot with the bros and a few pets of note including a llama, a pig, a hairless dog, and a snake! Our favorite Bachelorette P.I. Demi was back to catch the guys who aren’t here for the right reasons. Though everyone passed the test, one guy couldn’t get it together during the date. Luke P. was crashing and burning from all angles. He was possessive, aggressive with Hannah, and couldn’t read the room when she wanted to be left alone. Frankly, I was surprised about how clear she was about what she wanted! This is not the Hannah that I thought she would be. She gave him a piece of her mind and said, “Your confidence in us is coming off as cocky and I don’t like it. I have other relationships here that you need to respect. You are acting like you’ve won this already and you haven’t. Back off until I’m ready to talk to you.” He wouldn’t take no for an answer and cut her off when she tried to speak. Massive red flag! Hopefully this bodes well for the future, but I think he will overstay his welcome.

Honorable Mentions

  • Tyler G. unceremoniously was kicked off of the show. We later found out that he was extremely uncool to an ex girlfriend. You can find out more here.
  • We lost Cam, Joey, and Jonathan this week. Cam’s strategy of Always Be Cam truly backfired. He was also possessive of Hannah’s time, manipulative, and disrespectful to the time of the guys in the house. See you never Cam. Please stop rapping forever.
  • I always love when the house rallies around one leader and Mike has elevated himself to that position.
  • Bold Prediction: Luke P. is probably going to be the guy who doesn’t want Hannah touching or hooking up with anyone other than him. Get him out of here!



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