25 to Life: A Mediocre Life

What an intense finale. We finally get to the end of The Bachelorette and not without a whole lot of heartbreak, screams, shock, and awe.

We start the episode with the rest of Peter and Rachel’s date. The two of them are still at an impasse regarding what they are looking for at the end of this whole thing. Rachel wants a ring. Peter wants more time. The two of them can’t agree on anything. Rachel begins to discuss that she is being triggered by a relationship that she was in for 5 years that never came to an engagement. She thinks Peter is going to just be with her and never “bend the knee.” Peter can’t promise her anything but a life full of love and happiness and family and dogs and everything. There are tears shed, but they do still go to the Fantasy Suite to talk some more. I can only imagine what this evening was like. The two of them wake up like nothing has changed between them, but something is brewing that I just don’t like.

Next up is Bryan. He senses something is off with Rachel and boy is he right. Rachel is still out of sorts from her evening with Peter, but still remains happy that there is some consistency with Bryan. He is still confident. He is still smooth. He is still… Bryan. The same guy we all hate. They go on a hot air ballon ride and don’t really talk about Rachel’s feelings. He knew something was up and especially after his awkward hometown with her family he wasn’t totally OK with how he was interacting with Rachel. She tries to be cool, but they go to the Fantasy Suite. He remains… as he says… confident.

We get to the first rose ceremony of the day where we say good bye to Eric. He is pretty much perfect in this moment. The break-up between the two of them was so mature and so wonderful. He said to her, “Thank you for being open and allowing me to get what I need.” He talked about who she was and what she did for him instead of about how he felt about losing. Eric really proved himself tonight to be someone who is worthy to be The Bachelor. He is mature, he is kind, and he always checks in on his woman.

Now we are left with two. It is against Peter and Bryan.

We go on the first date with Bryan. They go in a hot air balloon. I don’t really care. I need to talk about Peter.

Rachel and Peter go on their final date and at the beginning things seem ok. The two of them are still a little raw from their last conversation. We get to the evening part of the date and Rachel (of course) still has some questions about their relationship. This is where I get frustrated. I completely understand where Peter is coming from. This is a really short window of time to get engaged to someone. This show is fucking weird. This process is weird. It is hard to force someone to fit their feelings (especially someone like Peter) into a small window of time. I also get a little bit of where she was coming from when she said to him, “Why would you get yourself involved in this process knowing what the timeline is and then get here not ready to pull the trigger?” Fair point. Their fight began to delve into the ultimatum territory. Peter got to a point where he said, “Ok. Just tell me I’m the one and I’ll propose.” Wrong move. See, the premise of the show is that the lead has to keep her choice a mystery. She can’t tell you if you are the one. You just have to go into it not knowing what is going to happen. Then things got heated. Peter said, ‘Well if this is the end of us then you can choose to have a mediocre life with someone else.” That was a seriously low blow said in the heat of the moment and out of anger. The two cry in each others arms and say I love you and part ways.

This break-up was the worst in the history of this show. It reminds me of the break-up Brooks and Des had many years ago. This one seemed a little bit worse just because you KNEW that they should have been together. There was still so much between Peter and Rachel. Even when Peter came out after the break up the body language from the two was tense and he was still visibly upset about the encounter. Rachel seemed flippant, but this was definitely a cover for something deeper. Peter said he felt attacked, but he also needed to own up to his own choices about why he didn’t propose and wouldn’t propose. We can’t have it both ways.

So after this monumental fight we get to the finale. Rachel picks Bryan and she seems to be more into the ring that she does about actually being with him. We have said it a million times on the podcast. Something about Bryan just isn’t right. He still isn’t sincere and she just wanted to be engaged no matter who ended up “bending the knee.” Sure, I will accept the fact that the two of them were super lovey-dovey on the couch and it did seem like their connection was genuine. They do have chemistry and they do like each other. I just wished she had picked Peter and I think she thinks the same thing too.

We will see you next season for The Bachelor, no matter who we think it will be. Will it be Peter who will receive the ultimate redemption story or will Eric’s growth bring him closer to finding love? The people love Dean so he could be an option too. Who knows! Enjoy Bachelor in Paradise… responsibly.


xo Taylor


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