25 to Life: No Regerts

25 to Life: No Regerts

Hi 25 to Life and Give Me Mora Family! We are so happy to be back this season. You know… Rachel being The Bachelorette means a lot. She is the first African-American person to take the mantle, ever and she is the first person of color to helm the show which is also a huge deal. Seeing a black woman in a position where men of all races and shapes and sizes are pining over her is shocking to watch — in a good way. Many times in our society, black women are allowed to be seen as something other than sexual objects, angry or the property of other people. By having Rachel be The Bachelorette we are able to see a fully formed and complete black woman with highs and lows, hard and soft, sexy and cute, all at the same time.

And lets not forget about the guys. The representation of carefree black men enjoying themselves and trying to find the love of their life with a black woman who is a considerable catch is something you don’t see everyday. I won’t call ABC brave in deciding to make Rachel The Bachelorette (because it was along overdue), but when the president of ABC says you need more diversity in your line up, you do it. Though the first episode didn’t have much discussion on the matter of race, you can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Hopefully as the season goes on we will be able to see those relationship discussions between Rachel and the men she selects.

Now… on to the show! Rachel comes to us not wounded from her experience with Nick, but excited about the opportunity to find a husband. Classic optimistic outlook on a weird experience where you have 31 boyfriends at one time. Many of the guys this time around are actually catches. Finally, they producers decide to fill this show with guys that match the extensive qualifications of their lead. Who would have thought a woman would want to be matched up with someone who is on her intellectual level? Crazy.

We go through all the guys in this week’s episode, but here are a few of my favorites:

Peter, 31 from Wisconsin — Was Peter a babe or what?! I was terribly surprised by how much I enjoyed him. He was confident and wore a great suit. Had a really nice swagger about him and was all around a reasonable person. He was the first one out of the limo and you could tell Rachel was very into him. So was I.

Bryan, 37 from Miami — DZADDY. Bryan got the First Impression rose and was Rachel’s first kiss. He smolders and doesn’t have anything to prove since he’s close to 40. However, Bryan scares me. I don’t know if he is hear for the right reasons, but he is so hot that he doesn’t really need to say anything for me to want him to stick around. Red flag.

Josiah, 28 from Fort Lauderdale — Our friend Josiah has a really intense back story. His brother committed suicide, he spent some time on the wrong side of the law, but rehabilitated himself to become an attorney. Is the back story enough to keep Rachel interested or is it too much baggage?

Kenny, 35 from Las Vegas — Who knew I would fall in love with Kenny and his 10 year old daughter? This gentle giant charmed Rachel in his first night and sounds like a voice of reason for the season. His kindness might be mistaken for weakness among some of the guys, but he doesn’t look to be a small flower.

Dean, 26 from Venice — This man needs some redemption. His nervousness was really endearing when seeing Rachel again. He was the one who said on After the Final Rose, “I’m ready to go black and never go back.” Trust me. It wasn’t great. However, his discomfort with the moment (and the fact that the producers probably convinced him to say it. Another Red Flag.) and his worry about how Rachel would react gets points in my book.

Among all of this, the trailer for this season brings more and more drama including (but not limited to) some stitches being needed, jealousy, intrigue, love, and tears that could fill the Mississippi.

See you next week!

xo Taylor

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