25 to Life: Petty Girl Drama

25 to Life: Petty Girl Drama

This week on The Bachelor we continued the spill over from the Caelynn vs. Hannah drama and got to know a bit more about the ladies. We also finally got rid of some of the girls that we couldn’t tell apart. Let’s get into it!

Board the Black Pearl with Captain Colton

The first group date of the week took the girls on a dinner theater date where they became pirates for the day. Not much activity wise happened on this date, but it was used to further the storyline about the fight between the two pageant queens. Caelynn “won” the date, but Hannah used her time to try to discuss her relationship with Caelynn instead of focusing on her percent. This only confused Colton who wanted to get answers from Caelynn. Frankly, neither of the girls made any sense throughout this episode. Neither one of them had specific things to say about the other and words were thrown around like manipulative and toxic. Still… not concrete details. Caelynn got the rose despite Hannah’s attempted sabotage.

1:1 Date with Elyse

Last week, it seemed like Colton was feeling Elyse a bit more than the other women so it was time for them to go on a 1:1 date. They went down to San Diego to spend the day at an amusement park with some kids from Colton’s charity. This was a really nice date and Elyse was the perfect person to take. I think Elyse needed some proof that this relationship could work and that Colton was mature enough despite their age range. That evening they talk about Elyse’s story: she started a charity for children after the death of her sister. Again… perfect for this date.

Getting Pumped Up with Terry and Rebecca Crews

The rest of the girls spent time working out with Colton, Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca. I love Terry Crews. These are big facts. While I was surprised by the strength of Catherine during this date, Onyeka won the date. In the evening, Colton wanted to spend a bit more time with Caitlin to see what made her tick. Fun fact: Nothing made Caitlin tick. He sent her home right away.

Pool Party Turns Cold

Instead of a cocktail party, Colton threw a pool party to spend time with the girls before the rose ceremony and the girls were thrilled about more time with a shirtless Colton. Hannah and Caelynn spent more time “telling their side of the story.” As Colton became increasingly frustrated trying to make sense of it all, the other girls didn’t get a chance to even talk to him that day. This caused some intense anxiety for everyone involved.

We lost Bri, Nina, Catherine, and Caitlin this week, but next week we start traveling as we head to Singapore!



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