25 to Life: Cats and Rats

25 to Life: Cats and Rats

It’s a brand new season of 25 to Life and a brand new season of The Bachelor! We’re glad to be back with everyone’s favorite pilot, Peter Weber. If you’re just joining us, Peter was the runner up last season and after some hand wringing by ABC, he was selected to be our top boy. The 25 to Life hosts preferred Mike (the other hot aviator with the potential to be the first Black Bachelor), but here we are. A few other things about Peter: he lives at home with his parents, he’s Cuban, and did we say he was a pilot?!

This week’s episode was super sized and the show FINALLY gave us the 3 hour episode we deserve!! We covered the limo arrivals, our first two group dates, and a 1-on-1 date all in this short amount of time. No chafe. No filler. Only realness. You love to see it!

You know what we also love to see, a cameo from Hannah Brown. Clearly she was in town filming (and winning) Dancing with the Stars and the producers called her to give Peter back the wings he gave her on his first night. CUTE! She said some kind words and scurried away.

We cut eight girls by the end of the night and then head into the first week of dates.

Our first group date takes us to flight school with some badass lady pilots. Victoria P. has some motion sickness trauma, but powers through in the gyroscope until she pukes. Peter was sweet about it, but ultimately Kelley won the challenge at the end of the date and got to spend some more time with him flying down the coast. Did we mention Peter is a pilot?! We like Kelley, but the other girls don’t.

Next, was the 1-on-1 date with Madison where Peter brought her to his parents vow renewal. Guys… it’s too soon. We know Peter loves his parents so much that he lives with them, wants to basically be his dad, and marry his mother. We also know Peter’s parents don’t mind being on TV, but for this being the first time they meet one of these girls, it seems like a lot! Madison gets the rose, there is a private concert, and Peter’s family joins the party. Again, it’s too much.

Finally, on the next group date, the girls gather at a theater and are met by our favorite former Bachelorette (again?!), Hannah Brown! She gives a TED Talk on having sex with Peter in that damn windmill. We get it! The girls are then tasked with telling their own sex stories in front of a live audience. While the girls are working on their stories, Hannah and Peter hang out backstage and talk about their relationship. Apparently, neither of them are over it! We’ll find out more next week.

Thanks for joining us and see you then,



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