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My 30 Days With An Empowerment Coach

My 30 Days With An Empowerment Coach

I have a hard time asking for help. Almost two months ago, I signed up to work with an empowerment coach and it’s been a few weeks since I’ve completed the 30 day group intensive.

Sophie Nik, my empowerment coach, put me in a 1 month group intensive program. Things in my life felt very stagnant. No matter how hard I was pushing, nothing was moving. I thought I was doing the inner work, meditating, focusing on my business, but the truth is, I wasn’t aligned. I began to resent my career and question if I should even do this anymore.

There was A LOT to get done in 30 days. Between listening to Sophie’s recordings, making time to create content, and doing the actual work, the month flew by. 

The program was called Money, Men & Manifesting. I wasn’t so concerned about the “men” part, so I put my focus on the money and manifesting. I, along with 6 other amazing ladies, shared our road bumps, moments that felt like failures, and our winning moments with each other. These girls were all complete strangers to me, but they soon felt like home. I shared my most vulnerable moments with them, and they with me. We supported each other, empowered each other, and coached each other through our breakdowns. 

I’m a pretty private and guarded person when it comes to sharing the softer side of me. This was so new to me. Sophie created an environment that allowed us to all feel safe and open – a testament to the kind of coach she really is. There was no BS. She wasn’t afraid to call you out on your self-destructive behavior. And wow, did I realize how destructive I could be to myself. 

I knew a 30 day group intensive would be good for me, but I never realized how transformative it would be for me. 

While doing the inner work, I came to see my self limiting beliefs. Sophie helped me identify them and coached me through rewriting the narratives in my head. Issues with self-worth, self-sabotaging behavior, and fear all came to the forefront of this process and it was rough. I had to learn how to make myself a priority during this program. I meditated, wrote, worked harder than ever, and learned how to tune into what makes ME feel good. 

The first thing Sophie teaches you is to learn how to identify the energy drainers and boosters in your life. By paying attention to who and what were draining my energy, I was able to spend less time away from that and dedicate more time to what or who gives me an extra boost. 

The next thing I learned to do was to tune into what makes me feel “called” to do something. If I didn’t feel like blogging, I didn’t do it. I stopped working from a lack mentality. Creating content has to come from the best part of you, not because you feel forced to do it. The same goes for making social plans – I said no to a lot of social engagements because I simply felt like I had to go. Sometimes staying in and laying low is more satisfying than being around 100 people for me and I stopped apologizing for that. 

The biggest takeaway from Money, Men & Manifesting was that I learned how to listen to myself, put myself first, and NOT feel bad about it. 

It’s okay to want the things you do. It’s okay to take a time out for yourself. This entire program made me a better version of myself so I could be a better person to everyone around me.

By feeling aligned, I secured 2 paid jobs at my normal rate AND booked a TV gig in less than 30 days.

The doors started opening up all around me in all facets of my life. The better me has drawn in better people. The better me is calmer, more focused, happier, and living with an abundant mentality versus the common lack mentality. Once you change your energy, the things around you begin to change as well. 

Sophie was the best empowerment coach I could have ever asked for. She was with us every step of the way, encouraging us, challenging us, and putting us in the position to transform. I call her my miracle worker and the best thing that happened to me in 2019 so far. A ton of you asked me if I would do this all over again, and the answer YES. I’m signed up for her 90 day program in May.

If you’re not constantly trying to be better, you won’t have better. 

To Sophie: thank you. I can’t thank you enough. You picked up every phone call and answered every text. You made this guarded and private girl feel safe enough to feel vulnerable enough to lay out all of my insecurities and truths. This program was life changing for me. I’m a better me because you taught me how to be aligned. Thank you for providing a safe space with zero judgement, hand selecting girls in the group who were amazing and helpful to my process, and most of all, thank you for calling me out on all my bullshit. I’m honored to have been part of this sisterhood. 

I can’t recommend Sophie enough. She was the empowerment coach I needed and more. And I can’t thank all of you enough for encouraging me to keep my head up and keep going through this process. It worked! 

xo NM

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