4 Tips For A Healthy Use Of Social Media

4 Tips For A Healthy Use Of Social Media

So I think we can all agree that social media has plenty of pros and cons; it just all depends on how you use it. How many of you out there have had a scroll through and ended up in a worse mood before? How many more have got distracted from an important task by the traveling pictures of someone you barely know? (Yea we’ve all been there!) If you’re looking to make your relationship with social media a little more healthy, you’ll be glad of these four ideas. 


Restrict your usage 

According to stats by Broadband search, the average person spends around 153 minutes on social media a day- (yikes)! Over seven days, this adds up to about 17.5 hours per week. Just think about what could be achieved in that time- writing a book, learning a language, charity work- anything! Spending too much time on social media can waste our time worsen our mental health. If used too much before going to bed, it can be harder to switch off and sleep. HuffPost states that a recommended 30 minutes or less per day can lead to an improved mental health ongoing. 


Stop comparing 

So many of us are in the habit of comparing ourselves to others on social media, from jobs to relationships, holidays, or social lives- it’s easier to think everyone’s got it better than you. Of course, this is far from the case. On social media, everyone is only allowing you to see what they want you to see. It’s easy to look at a few nice pictures and feel jealous when the reality is that you don’t truly know that person’s life. Everyone is unique, and on their own journey. What means happiness for one could be another individual’s nightmare. When you are looking at other people’s pictures, be mindful not to view your life in a negative light. It can be helpful to write down the things that you are grateful for each day.


Check who you follow 

If a scroll through social media only leaves you feeling bad, then you should probably check who and what you are following. Go through, and remove the accounts that are bringing you down. The whole purpose of social media is to connect with the people and things that bring you joy. If you’ve connections that are only bringing you negativity-these can go right away! Whether it’s a certain news publication or an old friend from school who posts negative content- don’t be afraid to ditch! Remember to change your password regularly and report anything suspicious on your account. It’s always a good idea to learn more about online security to keep yourself and your data safe. 


Post productively 

Before you post, think about what you are saying- ask yourself if it’s positive and how it will serve you. Instead of that rant about the traffic today or a meme about hating Mondays, why not promote a good cause or reach out to a loved one you haven’t seen in forever? Remind yourself of the joy of positive connections. If you’ve got a hidden talent, whether art or poetry, use your socials to promote your work productively. When you pursue a healthy relationship with social media you’ll be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle overall. 

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