5 Saint Laurent Bags We Can’t Get Enough Of

5 Saint Laurent Bags We Can’t Get Enough Of

If you are reading this, chances are that you already have at least one or more of Saint Laurent bags, which we are going to discuss next. By the time you are done with reading the article though, you will either have a clear idea regarding what you are missing from your collection or maybe you will know where you should be investing your budget for the next designer bag.


The original, brown Kate came in one size only and the purse had quite a surprising amount of room for its size. Today, however, the classic, long chain, strap bag comes in smaller and bigger sizes, as well as in multiple other colors.

Check out the collection of Croc Kate tassel bags on SSENSE, as it’s a selection where the designer has managed to put together two of the most iconic Saint Laurent bags in one gorgeous package. SSENSE is an authenticated online reseller for Saint Laurent bags and other exclusive brands and they also have the entire collection from Saint Laurent for you to choose from.


Unlike the Kate collection, which premiered in brown, the Niki range of Saint Laurent bags always favored the color black from Day One. The soft structure and the crumpled look have since become iconic for Saint Laurent bags in that line ever since.

You will also find the Nikis in shades of white now, and they do come in a smaller size. The advantage of the Niki line is that even their small variants are more spacious than the average small bag by a huge margin!

Sac de Jour

A much more modern release than most of the others on this list, the Sac de Jour is unique in design and stands out from the rest of the bags in the designer’s arsenal. Somewhat minimalistic in design, the white Nano Sac de Jour Tote bag, in particular, stands out due to its intelligent combination of design and storage space.


If the classic Lou looks more like a camera bag then that’s because it was exactly that at the time of its launch and it still is. Although the modern line of the quilted classics still sport the name and the aesthetics of the camera bag, it is more of a design language now than being just a dedicated camera bag, of course.


One of the latest lines of bags released by Saint Laurent is Vicky, which has managed to garner a lot of attention within a very short time. The structured, chain-strap bag is modern in its design but retains the retro appeal of quilted details all the same. It also introduced a few, brand new colorways in the luxury brand’s lineup.

There are other lines, of course, and some of them like the Teddy or the Book Bag may appeal to some women more than the ones on this list. Every one of the bags manufactured under the French brand’s name is a quality product worth having, and after all, the most important requirement is that it should appeal to you.

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