What We Can Learn About Beyonce’s ‘HOMECOMING’

What We Can Learn About Beyonce’s ‘HOMECOMING’

Beyoncè, the queen of the secret drop, has done it again!

She surprised us early this morning with her Netflix documentary, “HOMECOMING.” She then took it up a notch by dropping the live album version. 40 freaking songs!

The Netflix film and album document Beyoncè’s performance at last year’s Coachella, where she was the first black woman headliner in event history.

The woman can do no wrong. The reason why we all live for her surprise releases is because we don’t ever really get a glimpse into her private life. We know nothing except for what she allows us to know. So when she gives us a glimpse into the behind the scenes of her world, we’re all tuning in.

What did we learn about Queen Bey?

She’s (sort of) just like us.

Beyoncè had to have an emergency C-section with Rumi and Sir. After the birth of the twins, she struggled with getting her body back. So no, she didn’t just wake up with a crazy body after giving birth and was suddenly ready for Coachella. Bey was on a strict no sugar, no carbs, no dairy, no gluten, no meat, no fish, no alcohol diet. 

We also learn that Beyoncè had to find the balance between being a global super and a mother. Shout out to all the working moms, I loved this part of the documentary. She was breastfeeding in between rehearsals. Goals AF. 

My favorite thing about “HOMECOMING” was watching how selective and involved Bey was with the entire production. She hand selected every single dancer and made sure her vision was going to be brought to life. HER WAY. You can’t help but respect her for that. Beyoncè is who she is because of her attention to detail and she’s a perfectionist (true Virgo). 

There was a deep appreciation by everyone involved that Beyoncè was the first black female headliner. After watching the film in its entirety, I’m not sure anyone could really top that. It was flawless, detailed, and perfectly executed. 

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