How To Create And Manage A Great Team

How To Create And Manage A Great Team

Managing your team takes a variety of skills. You will need to be an expert planner, as well as a diplomatic counselor. 

It can take time to develop these people management skills and to do this, you will need to understand the problems that you may face along the way. 


Getting The Right People For The Job

One of the first hurdles you will cross is finding the right people for the job. Whatever the task at hand is, you will need someone with a particular skill set to fill that role. It may be straightforward and easily taught, however, you will still need other qualities from such a worker. You will need them to be reliable and able to turn up to work whenever you need them. If the job is repetitive but straightforward, they will need to have the right mindset that allows them not to get bored or distracted from the task. You’ll want honesty and respect from your team as you need them to perform well and don’t damage your business in any way. 

If there is a specific skill needed, you will want to look for someone who has experience within that area. There may be an area of expertise in another field that is transferable or that can be built upon. You may want to look for this. 

Whatever skills you require from your new team member you will need to assess them. By having a robust interview process, you will be able to get your applicants to demonstrate their abilities in the areas that their resume suggests that they have. Ask questions that will allow them to give full examples of times when they have used those skills. Ask them follow-up questions that dig deeper and find out the type of results they got. 


Induction And Training

You have a responsibility to the people that you employ. You need to ensure that you make them fully aware of what you expect from them, along with how they can achieve this. 

Providing full ongoing training support is not only the fairest way of ensuring your team is equipped for the job, but it is also the best way to increase productivity. 


Getting The Right People In The Right Place

Having your aces in places means knowing where your team’s skills lay. You will learn this through regular appraisals to discuss areas of development and excellent performance. You can also assess your team through performance reporting and continuous monitoring and assessment. 

Once you know where your team’s skills lay, you can put the best people into the tasks where they need to be. Have a look at the best free schedule maker tools that can help you create a structured plan. 

You’ll need to know the availability of your team, as well as understanding how many staff you will need and when you will need them. You may need to cover a certain number of areas at any one time, and this will take organizational skills. 


Setting Goals

If you don’t know where you are aiming, how will you ever achieve your goals? You need to know what you hope to achieve and be clear about this goal to your team. You’ll need to let them know how they can achieve it, and throughout the process, you should give them regular updates on where they are against their targets. This will help them to alter their progress accordingly. If they need to pick up the pace, or change approach providing updates can help to do this. 


Ongoing Support


You have a duty of care to your team. You need to show them that you are responsible for their happiness and wellbeing within the workplace. If someone is not happy, they will not be productive. They may even start to become a significant detriment to your company. But you should not treat them as though their unhappiness is their fault. They may be finding something about the job uncomfortable or challenging to manage. It is your job as their manager to understand these problems and to deal with them. 

Holding regular reviews with your team will help you pick up on these matters early on before they end up impacting the business. Creating opportunities for your team to approach you openly will help overcome problems early on. If you close yourself off to the issues of your workforce, you may find that you end up with reduced retention rates and as such, am unproductive workplace.

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