Creating the Perfect Base for Your Flawless Face

Creating the Perfect Base for Your Flawless Face

The thing that people notice first about you when they first meet you is your face. Sometimes, there is a call for making the extra effort to make a good first impression. 

Establishing a makeup routine can be a difficult thing to nail. As teens, most of us went through the awkward phase of mismatched lipstick and eyeliner, two shades too dark, patchy foundation, blue mascara, and roll-on body glitter. Eek!
These days teens are contouring and highlighting their faces to perfection–it almost doesn’t seem fair!

So, that’s where the guide comes in– to help you to establish a great routine when it comes to having a great starting point for your makeup routine.

With a few of these things, you, too can create a magazine photoshoot worthy base to your make-up.

Here is what you will need: 












Makeup sponge 

Makeup brushes 

Wipes for any cleanup 



Dry patches of skin act as a pool for any foundation you may choose to put on it. It’s not an old wives’ tale that it is important to cleanse, tone, and moisturize in order to look after your skin. Getting into a good skincare routine here is a good way of ensuring your skin takes to the makeup well. 

Brands such as The Ordinary offer a wide range of products to help to establish this routine 



A good primer is a godsend for protecting your skin, and evening out your pores. A good ‘pore blur’ primer will mean you use less foundation as it helps to create a smooth surface in which to start your makeup. 



Heavy night? Conceal those dark circles. Breakout? Cover up those zits. Went a little over the lines with your lipstick? Sweep over and erase that mess. A decent concealer color-matched to your skin will be a lifesaver when makeup mishaps happen. It also proves useful for when you only want a little makeup coverage for good skin days. 



Invest in a decent foundation. Most makeup stores will offer a color-match service to make sure you get the correct shade for you. There are many shades and base types available to people of all skin types and ethnicities- spend time finding the right formulation for you!



The art of contouring is a challenge, to say the least. Thankfully Avon cosmetics have an awesome guide to getting it done right. However, the premise of contouring and highlighting is to emphasize a specific part of your face- from the cheekbones to the jaw to lengthening the nose. It is amazing what can be done with a brush and some color! 


Be Patient and Have Fun! 

Not everyone who starts off by doing their makeup can claim to be an expert straight away. Have fun with it, and enjoy the moments where you might not get it right straight away. Follow tutorials online to learn your technique and enjoy getting makeup artist worthy results by yourself soon.

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