Why I Decided To Work With An Empowerment Coach

Why I Decided To Work With An Empowerment Coach

Serious confession time. I’ve been feeling super uninspired, unmotivated and lost, especially when it comes to my career.

Feeling this way is nothing new to me – I’ve been here many times before – but this just feels different. It could be that I’m slowly inching up towards the 20s ladder, or it could be that I genuinely don’t know my next move. Honestly, it’s a really weird place to be as you see your friends and colleagues take leaps in all aspects of their lives whilst you’re sitting here wondering, “what’s next?

What IS next?

2018 had 8 monumental months for me. It was the best time I’ve had in my career thus far, as you heard here on Passion to Paycheck. After so many years of struggling to get a steady job, I felt like I finally was “making it.” With a stable TV gig, a freelance job & a few campaigns for Give Me Mora per month, life was feeling more stable. The only way to go from here was up, right? 

Not for me. 

Our TV show went on hiatus (never to return again). The campaigns got less and less. My freelance job was barely still there. I thought things would pick up again and it didn’t. October was the worst month I’ve ever had in business in my entire life. I had to rely on my other skills to pick up more work to keep my momentum. No matter how positive I tried to stay, there was nothing in sight. 

To be honest, there wasn’t. I had glimmers of hope – I booked a job only for them to cancel the series before it started, I got called back so many times on a gig for me to be their runner up, and my campaign deals ended up requiring budget cuts. It’s been a crazy time. 

How do you find the strength to bounce back when you keep getting knocked down?

Sometimes you seriously feel like you can’t. I’ve questioned giving up the dream more times in the last few months than I ever have. Questions about what I’m going to do with my life were at the forefront of all my thoughts. The feeling of defeat is not an easy one. 

I’m so thankful and fortunate to have a family who puts a roof over my head and can take care of me, but this is something I’ve wanted to do on my own. No help. This is MY dream and I personally don’t find it appropriate for my parents to fund it while I figure it out. There’s no success in that for me. 

While I know some of you have written me saying you feel like I’m the girl who has it all, it couldn’t be far from the truth. I never claimed to have it all or have it all figured out. You have been on this journey with me as I figure it out.

Cue in my friend Sophie, an empowerment coach who helps girls that look like they have it all ACTUALLY have it all. 

Sophie is doing a 30 day intensive for a small group of people and I decided to sign up. I can’t keep feeling this way and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. We start on March 1st and I will be documenting the journey for you! 

This is the most vulnerable I’ve been in a long time. It’s been scary to me to admit that things haven’t gone as well as they did last year. I’m hoping to re-find my inspiration with this program and that it will inspire you! Sometimes you need to change up your energy and try new things. Working with Sophie as my empowerment coach and allowing myself to be vulnerable with her as we go through my goals, fears, and ambitions is going to be challenging for me. I’m ready for it. I love her energy and no bullshit attitude. 

I never thought I would need someone to help me feel motivated or coach me through this process. Up until recently I had never even heard of an empowerment coach. However, I can’t keep feeling this defeated and uninspired. Seeing Sophie’s success with her clients has shown me that yes, sometimes we do need a little boost. 

As my own boss, the only person who can hold me accountable is myself. Sophie is now my empowerment coach so she will be holding me accountable, which should be super beneficial. 

I’m excited. I’m ready. And I’m scared sh*tless.

xo NM

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