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Dreams Are Not Left At Baggage Claim

Dreams Are Not Left At Baggage Claim

You can’t just pick up your dreams at baggage claim and ride off into the sunset so…

I quit my day job! 

With this major life change & the (surprise!) launch of our new series for millennials, The Participation Trophy, I sat at my computer 2 weeks ago and wrote this little excerpt for you:

It’s January 24th, 2017 and I’m writing this to you now (two weeks earlier than the actual post date) because I never want to forget this feeling – whether it turns out to be good or bad.

I officially quit my day job in real estate. I was working 20-30 hours a week and have parted ways (for now at least) with the family business. Coming to this decision was something I battled with for over a year. I’ve had a job since I was 16. I don’t know what it’s like to not report to someone or have a steady income! Partially because I was raised to be self-sufficient and value money and partially because I’ve always loved working.

Having a job provided me with a sense of worthiness. Over time, it became a part of my identity. It gave me value, purpose and was always the perfect escape.

Now I have no job, no steady source of income, no plan, and no idea what’s next.

Baggage Claim

But oddly enough, I’ve never felt happier. It’s like someone took the weight off of my shoulders.

The only thing I know for certain is that I can fully follow my dreams. I’m not being held back by having a “stable job” or having to do something that “makes sense.”

The truth is, I wasn’t being fulfilled working in real estate. I went from loving it to absolutely hating it. I know some of you are probably thinking “LOLz you were working for your family so it was pretty much free reign to do what you want and make an income. You didn’t actually need to work that hard.” Yes and no. I had the freedom to take a day off if I was sick without being penalized for it. However, no hours worked would result to no time billed AKA no money, honey. What I did love was that I had flexibility with my hours, which was everything to me.

As the oldest of two, I’ve always felt like I had to be responsible, set the example, you know…the same old spiel first children have to endure 😉 This decision has probably been the most un-me thing I’ve ever done. And somehow, it has felt the most “right.”


Fast forward to today:

baggage claim 2

It’s been an insane two weeks catching up on blog stuff, taking meetings, and figuring out where I’m going next. I’ve been pulling super long days trying to play catch up with work that was left on the back burner and managing to get in some social fun. Balance, my friends.

While I’m sure many people have left their dreams at baggage claim, I’m so happy I did not go that route. In fact, quitting my day job was the last real piece of baggage I had yet to cut for 2017.

What they say is true: life opens up to you once you cut the baggage because you have to make room for new, exciting things.

The weirdest part of this all has been not having financial stability and getting used to not reporting to anyone but myself (the first few days I sent Sali lists of what I had accomplished that day just to keep me on track). 

 What’s been happening and what’s next for me in this new chapter?

During this time, I went back to my alma matter, USC, and guest lectured for classes in the Annenberg School for Communications and the School of Cinematic Arts – both schools I attended not too long ago. It was surreal and I loved every minute. #Nostalgia. I will definitely be public speaking a lot more now.

I am now a blog consultantFor years, I had been doing blog and social media consulting as a favor to friends, but after some discussions, I realized I should make this part of my business. I just got my first job with a major brand (will reveal who it is soon) to consult with their social media team for content creation. Feeling really excited about this opportunity and to start doing giveaways with them for you!

With my hands in many different cookie jars that I actually love, I can’t wait to see what’s next. The Participation Trophy will be a huge part of this blog, and we are working out some fun stuff for you. I wanted to create a section on here specifically for millennials (and their parents) that surrounds everything from getting through our quarter-life crisis, relationships, finding your passion, you name it. We now have a community where anyone can share their stories and I’m so excited about it!

There you have it: the story I’ve been wanting to share with you for two weeks!

Thank you for all the continuous support. A big thank you to those around me who encouraged me to take this little leap of faith. 2 weeks later and I still feel like I’ve never been happier.

xo NM

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  • Shannon says:

    So proud of you, Nic & I’ve been loving our text brainstorming sessions. Big things are in store, m’dear, & I cannot WAIT to follow along!! xx Shannon

    • Nic Mora says:

      Shannon, your support has been something that has kept me going through all the ups and downs. I can’t thank you enough! xo

  • Brittany says:

    This is so inspiring. I love you and I’m rooting for you always. ❤

    • Nic Mora says:

      I love you!! Thank you for always rooting for me. It means everything <3

  • Gossip Girl says:


  • Karin Ahdoot says:

    Really happy for you and proud of you for staying true to yourself and following your heart’s desires. This is a big milestone especially in our Persian/Jewish community and happy you have taken that step! Wishing you all the success you can get through your journey.

  • Tammy Swofford says:

    GURL! What an inspiration! I love every word of this and cannot wait for the “Big Reveal”!
    So glad you are following your dreams! When you’re famous, remember me.

    • Nic Mora says:

      I’m so happy you liked it! Thank you for your support, it truly means so much to me. xo NM

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