Elf Cosmetics Makeup Remover Wipes Review

Elf Cosmetics Makeup Remover Wipes Review

I recently saw a makeup tutorial by Jeffree Star using only Elf Cosmetics products. After seeing how high quality their makeup seemed, I went to the nearest Ulta Beauty to see what’s up.

I saw some makeup wipes on sale for like $3 so I picked up a pack, grabbed a couple of lip liners, and checked out. I got home feeling like I was living my best #BougieOnABudget life.

After a long day of work, I couldn’t WAIT to use my new makeup wipes. I always use a wipe to remove the majority of my makeup, a cleanser to remove anything remaining on my skin, and then oils and serums.

At first, I was obsessed with my new purchase. The Elf Cosmetics makeup wipe removed all of my makeup easily and I was feeling fresh. For about 5 seconds. Then my face started feeling like it was on fire. I was burning up and my face was bright red. I kept fanning myself thinking it’d calm down in a minute, but it only got worse. My face started itching, hives started to come out and I was so uncomfortable I didn’t know if I should dip my face in ice or take a Benadryl.

I did a double cleanse, rubbed ice all over my face and topped it off with Vitamin C serum and organic, cold pressed hemp seed oil. It was beyond painful and uncomfortable. 

My face was still red and itching for THREE DAYS. This is beyond ridiculous that a makeup wipe can cause your face to react this way. Elf Cosmetics must be using chemicals that are harsh for your face and that is alarming. I’m now turned off from buying their products and I definitely will not be buying any kind of makeup wipe from them again. 

xo NM

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