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Energy Work Is All The Rage & I Can See Why

Energy Work Is All The Rage & I Can See Why

Energy work, a concept that was once considered very “woo woo,” is now becoming more accepted amongst the masses. As the millennial generation becomes more self aware, we are taking more steps to ensure we are constantly leveling up. Metaphysical shops are more popular than ever and the internet is booming with astrologers, healers and the like. 

Curious to see what all the fuss is about, I hit up energy queen Sarah Ashley Wheeler. With this type of thing, I wanted to go based off of a referral, as the internet says to beware of scam artists claiming to be healers. Sarah was referred to me by my empowerment coach, Sophie Nik

We scheduled a call via Zoom and got down to business. I’m a pretty intuitive person and have gotten more into the spiritual world this last year thanks to Danielle Ayoka AKA Mystic Lipstick. I told Sarah I feel like I’m blocking myself from leveling up to which she replied, “you absolutely are.”

She read me and explain my blocks, where my energy was lacking, and what I can expect. Obviously, I’m going to keep a bit of that private, but she did address that I was coming up against myself and have been scared of shining my light. Sarah told me to start listening to my heart and taking time every day to feel what my heart truly wants. 

The energy work was quick and full of effects. Healers practice in different ways; Sarah utilizes geometrics and codes, which is something I hadn’t seen done before. I felt my feet start heating up, my heart felt like it was on fire (a result of trying to open a closed heart), and my solar plexus area started shaking like crazy. For the skeptics, I couldn’t make up the body side effects even if I tried. The energy work was actually in full motion. 

After the clearing, I asked Sarah some questions about how to fully step into my light and shine it bright. I love her no bullshit way of explaining the process. She keeps it real and I fully appreciate that. Sarah told me I’d be tired after our clearing and gave me a meditation to put on while I took a nap to maximize the benefits of what she did. 

I have to say, I’m now a believer in energy work. I slept heavily through the night and woke up with SO much more energy than usual. I feel great. My body feels lighter. And I’m now one of those LA girls who can’t wait for their next energy clearing. 

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