Give Me Mora Turns 3! #MORAversary

Give Me Mora Turns 3! #MORAversary

#MORAversary! The number 3 has always been a special number for me so today is extra meaningful. Everything for me has come in 3s throughout my life. 3 years ago today I launched this website thinking it would just be another vessel to my hosting career where I could discuss some of my favorite things. I never took the blogging world or bloggers for that matter seriously; I just knew I loved to write and start conversations. Oh, and that I had an opinion on everything entertainment and lifestyle related. Joke was on me (again) because I absolutely fell in love with creating content for Give Me Mora and connecting with all of you.

Over the past 1,096 days I’ve seen this little blog go from surface conversation and topics to becoming a real business and brand that can discuss real issues for millennials. And it’s all because of YOU that I’m able to keep going!

I can’t thank you enough for all of the support. It has truly meant the world to me and kept me going even when I sometimes didn’t necessarily want to. Thank you for helping me grow not just as a blogger, but as a person. This year has been especially challenging with a relaunch, changing a little bit of our direction to make it even more personal and adding an emphasis on first generation issues. You’ve inspired me in so many ways, forced me to cut myself fully open and to just go for it. Every time I was terrified to post something personal, you made it worth it with your messages – the good AND not so nice ones. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A million times thank you. I am forever grateful and thankful for you and I cannot wait to see what we battle next together.


This year, I wanted to share 3 things I’ve learned:

  1. Share your story – even if it hurts. I used to say “write your story, even if it hurts,” but this was the year I learned that it’s simply not enough to write it, you need to share it. People connect through stories – that’s why we read, talk, laugh, cry, watch TV/movies. If we don’t share our stories, we’ll continue to feel alone and as though no one else has had a similar experience. But that’s the thing: your story will connect you to at least one person in this world. And that is so special. So write AND share your story. Put yourself out there without worrying about being judged. This was the year I spoke out about how I felt growing up in a community where I felt like I had to battle social norms, where I revealed my issues with my weight/body, where I openly spoke about how I felt defeated and wanted to give up. All of those posts connected me even deeper to you and I realized I’m not alone at all!
  2. Fight your fears. Any type of rejection – you name it – I was/am afraid of it. I let this fear hold me back from everything. I was scared to relaunch the site back in February, I was scared to share my truth, scared of having to put my heart on the line and to potentially experience heartbreak, scared of auditioning in fear of not getting the job, just to name a few examples. One by one, I started to face these fears head on. We relaunched the site and it was great! I began sharing my truth and it inspired me to be more. I auditioned and didn’t get the job but I also auditioned and got some jobs. It’s true when they say that life really begins at the end of your comfort zone or that when a door closes, a window may crack open. Letting go of your fears is scary and you have to work at it every single day, but it really is rewarding and allows you to bring in more amazing things in your life. Let the universe do its work while you do yours. Or at least try!
  3. People DO show up for you. When you surround yourself with the right people, when you remain true to yourself and have genuine intentions, it’s amazing to see how many people WILL show up for you. The support I received this year (and every year, but this one especially) has been humbling and has shown me so much. To everyone who has shared a post, commented, liked something, took the time to message me, helped me in anyway: you will never know how much it has all meant to me. I see it all. I read it all. It never goes unnoticed and it makes me want to be a better person every single day. To all the amazing people who have participated in the #LoveYourBodyMORA campaign: you made a huge dream of mine come true. You all have – whether you’ve posted or not – just by reading and/or following my journey. 


A special shoutout to Sali for helping this little engine that could so smoothly for 3 years. And duh my freaking phenomenal family and group of friends: thanks for being my #1s. 

Here we go, people! They say good things come in 3 and I can’t wait to see what this year brings us. You’ve made me feel on top of the world today #MORAversary <3

All my love,



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  • jess says:

    love this post! and so happy to see that you are learning and growing by this amazing experience! keep it up because we all want Mora <3

  • mitra moradifar says:

    I have seen you mature but this year you have bloomed to an amazing flower that you are. Proud of you xoxo

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