Hashtag Lunchbag Recap!

Hashtag Lunchbag Recap!

You’ll have to excuse me (again) for going MIA as we had Hashtag Lunchbag last weekend and a whole bunch of meetings during the week to work on bringing you some new and exciting stuff! 

Last Sunday, Give Me Mora was given the opportunity to team up with two other amazing companies, Social Lighthouse & HoM Apartments, to give back to the homeless in the Silverlake area in Los Angeles under Hashtag Lunchbag. Feeding the homeless, as you know, has been a huge part of me ever since I was little. I had never done it in Silverlake and was excited to try something new while being able to give back. 

People from all different walks of life came together to create brown bags as we listened to music, grabbed a drink, and socialized in the outdoor area of the HoM apartment complex. Personally, I loved seeing the younger kids come by with their friends and families to help out the community. 

At 1PM half of the group headed to the local shelters and the other half (myself included) went to the streets.

We fed over 300 homeless! 

The day, while extremely rewarding, was also very emotional for a lot of us. One moment that has been on my mind all week is walking through an underpass and knocking on a tent so that we could deliver some food. A young man around my age came out, accepted our food, thanked us, and went back in. Something about seeing someone close to my age (25) in that living situation broke my heart and really put things in perspective for me. How did this person get in this predicament at such a young age? What happened? Normally, I would have asked him. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t leave my emotions at the door to do so. 

Families were living in tents on the streets. Young men and women found shelter in parks to stay dry from the rain. Every type of person you could think of, we saw it. 

This was their reality. But mine? My reality was that I was going to get back into my BMW after I was done and head back to my house in Brentwood. And I have to say, I’ve been feeling guilty ever since. Someone recently told me I shouldn’t feel guilty for being blessed with the life I have, but I do. My experience with Hashtag Lunchbag reinforced my need to give more, be more, and most of all, DO more. I really do feel it’s our duty to give back to the communities we surround ourselves with.

Thinking about how many people showed up, how many of my friends & colleagues came to support the cause, has truly filled my heart in so many ways. A very special thanks to two of my favorite TV news reporters, Christine O’Donnell from Fox 11 and Steve Kuzj from KTLA, for showing up and supporting! 

It was a beautiful event and I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you Hashtag Lunchbag for inspiring us all to get involved!


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