How To (Healthily) Get Away From Things For A While

How To (Healthily) Get Away From Things For A While

Picture the scene: it’s mid-November. You’re sat in what amounts to a ten-car traffic jam, waiting behind someone who didn’t obey the red light and caused a non-serious accident that while not as bad as it could have been, is making you late for work. You sit there, in the pouring rain, and hear something else about how fractured the political discourse of our current times has become. Not only that, but you didn’t have enough time to dry your hair this morning, and so you feel chillier than you would have otherwise. 

You reach for your coffee cup and spill it down your leg. You stifle a curse and look around, at the grey drabness of the winter morning, and think that the moment this traffic jam lifts, you’re going to drive away and start a new life in the Bahamas, future plans be damned. Of course, the desire to get away, especially on a bad morning, can be very present. But should it be? In fact, learning to healthily get away from things for a while could be the best thing you do for yourself, to get rid of that stress, and to enjoy escapism in a healthy way that feeds back positively into your own life.

Here’s how:


A Spa Day

When we’re in that aforementioned situation, tired or simply fed up, we often think of how nice it would be to relax on a beach, to be at the jacuzzi with a friend, or to enjoy the best spa day. But then when we have the free time to do those things, we might opt for something else. Why? Surely investing in your own pampering will help you feel more than satiated druing those cold mornings, to the point where you needn’t have to imagine, because that weekend you were there living it up?

A spa day can pamper you, restore your body and mind, and help you overcome the knotty emotions or stressors that might have been haunting you all week. It’s a true release, something that can help you feel completely open, and relaxed. To that end, this is worth your money and time. Bring a friend, try a new treatment, and see just how novel it can be each time. You’re certain not to get bored of it.


Working Out

Working out can seem like the opposite of relaxing and taking it easy. Of course, when you’re in the middle of a hard run, or when you’re in the middle of a bench press, or when your personal trainer is demanding twenty more crunches, odds are you’re not going to feel pampered. That being said, healthy escapism can always be felt through exercise, because it helps you shut your mind off for a while and brings your energy back down into your body. Then, when you come back to your normal life, relaxing is a little bit easier, because you have managed to release all that stress. To this end, you’re sure to feel just a little lighter and more comfortable during the week, and this is truly worth something.


A Reading Adventure

There are so many good books out there. Unfortunately, many of us have reading as a sort of side-activity we have in the background, perhaps when we go on vacation or when bored in an airport. Of course, we’re not judging you. It’s hard to find the time to read when you live a busy lifestyle, and it’s not as if you can sit and read a book on your morning commute. Or is that actually true?

It might be that getting stuck into the latest thriller or paperback, or finding an author to inhale the works off can help you get into many extremely lovely fantasy lands, or to feel emotions that you rarely feel in daily life. However, if reading is not a possibility, but you have earphones, consider using services such as Audible or downloading podcasts like Levar Burton Reads and you’ll find yourself in a world of beautiful literary magic, without having to sit down and invest the time.

A reading adventure like this can truly help you feel whisked away to something quite amazing. It might sound silly, but when you’re engrossed in an amazing book, there is a real sense that everything is alright with the world. It might be this that you need to help escape in a positive and constructive manner.

With these tips, you’re sure to get away from things for a while, but not in an aggressive way. After all, exercise this advice, and you’ll feel more restored and present in your daily life.

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