How To Get Paid To Be Yourself

How To Get Paid To Be Yourself

Sophie’s back! You may remember this blog post I did about what I learned from hanging out with her. This time, she’s guest blogging about how to get paid to be yourself! I love this topic and thought it would be great for you, too. xo NM

I am Sophie Nik

I was never told “you can be whatever you want when you grow up.” Let’s be real, this left me confused and not looking forward to “the real world”. Fast forward to 2015 and I have a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Holistic Health Coaching Certification, and a Certification in the Psychology of Eating. Although I was working at a world-renowned eating disorder treatment center, was building up a phenomenal resume, and was in an ‘ideal’ relationship; I was still wildly unhappy and unfulfilled.

In 2017, I decided I had, had enough. I quit my job without a plan and against my father’s wishes (sorry dad). There were a few things I knew: I wanted to help people all over the world, I wanted to get paid to be myself, and I wanted to live a life I didn’t want a vacation from. I started out as a Health and Wellness Coach and naturally, my business evolved as I did.

I currently identify as a Women’s Empowerment and Transformation Mentor, and LOVE what I do. Long story short, I support female entrepreneurs in embodying the next-level version of themselves. I help these women develop unshakeable confidence, and ultimately show up authentically while owning their unique gifts. I have helped countless women build and scale their service-based businesses online and heal their relationship with money. My clients range from CEOs to coaches to influencers –that said, I never get bored.

Now that you know a little about me, let’s get to the real reason why you’re here:

How to get paid to be yourself.

Step 1 – Clarity

Clarity is key and is something that takes serious time. You need to get very clear on the type of career you truly desire. What feels good to you? What would make you happy for the rest of your life? What lights you up? What gets YOU excited?

Side note: journaling is my favorite thing ever, so I 100% recommend you take the time to journal about your goals and desires in order to get this journey started.

If you think about your aspirations and have some funky stuff come up, chill out babe, it’s totally normal! I always say, “we all have stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves”. Unfortunately, the majority of the time these stories aren’t even ours – they are fabrications that have been projected onto us by various influencing means (such as parents, caregivers, and even the media). Any time you have a negative thought I want you to think (OR JOURNAL) about whether or not it’s ultimately true. Chances are it’s not…so reframe that ish into one that serves you. When you do so, you reprogram your mind.

Step 2 – Making Space

Now that you’re clear on what you want, let’s make space. Assuming you have completed the steps I laid out for you above, and thus have started doing some inner work (by the way becoming an entrepreneur is the fast track to personal development…so you’re in for a real treat), let’s get you some support.

I highly recommend investing in a mentor you vibe with, surrounding yourself with friends who “get it”, and only “following” people online who truly inspire you. Are you aware of how you speak to yourself? This is something I have all of my clients focus on. Are you kind to yourself? Most of us are not.

You need to be your number one fan, and you gotta be your own damn cheerleader!

In order to make space, I recommend decluttering your life – this includes dropping “fake” friends, the lame dude you “Netflix and chill” with, the hoarders den that is your bedroom, and your car that doubles as an Amazon “return bin” storage. Make all the space you can. Now.

Step 3 – Embody the Next Level You

Here is where the transformation work comes in. You need to embody the version of yourself who is doing the damn thing. How does this Boss version of you show up? How does she carry herself? How does she speak to people? How does she speak to herself? What does her morning routine look like? You get the point. Now ask yourself, “What can I do this week/today/right now to get into the vibe of the next-level version of me?”

Step 4 – Aligned and Inspired Action

Lastly, it’s time to take aligned and inspired action. This means doing things from a place of trust and confidence, not from a place of fear or lack. When we do things from a place of negative emotions we end up attracting more of that negativity. Have you ever had one shitty thing happen and then you think “my day will go to shit,” and then… it does?! That’s because you were a vibrational match for it! You can raise your vibe simply by choosing what you want to focus on and give energy to.

This all may seem a bit simplified and abstract, but it obviously takes work to solidify what you want to do, then do it. You need to plan the work and then work the plan. Mentors and coaches can help with that – and taking women along this journey from beginning to end, and even offering continued support is something I am passionate about.

You are powerful AF and deserve to create a life you’re proud of.

If you ever need any support, I’m here for you. xo  

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