Instagram 411: Everything You Need To Know

Instagram 411: Everything You Need To Know

Instagram has literally set everyone into a frenzy ever since it mentioned implementing the same algorithm Facebook has into our feeds, causing our photos from people we follow to no longer be in chronological order. Obviously, this is a way for Instagram to maximize their profits as small businesses and the like will be forced to start sponsoring their posts. I’ve gotta admit, even I was frustrated at the thought of my followers not being able to catch my photos. 

Seems like I wasn’t the only one wondering if I should just boycott my Instagram and move over to using SnapChat full-time, because a petition started going around to stop the new changes! Yes, I signed it. No, I have no shame. Neither did over 200,000 people in less than a week. 

This whole thing has caused a bunch of thirsty people to post photos telling their users to “subscribe” to their feed. People actually have no chill and need to cool it with the thirst.

Everyone needs to r-e-l-a-x. And I hate it when people tell me to relax, so you know I mean business here.

First off, Instagram is NOT pulling out the new algorithm overnight and changing your feeds. They are doing a “test” run with a few accounts and will go from there. Toni Mahfud had a call with Instagram this morning and they explained that the company is trying to make sure you don’t miss certain posts while you may be sleeping, catching a flight, or whatever else might keep you from checking your favorite social media app for 5 hours. The look of your feed won’t change. You might have a few “missed” posts at the top of your feed that Instagram will know you want to see. Kind of like Twitter’s “While You Were Away…” section in your Twitter feed – which I LOVE. 

Further more, nothing major is happening for a least another few months. So can we all chill out and stop posting “turn me on” photos? I promise you NO ONE CARES. Unless you’re a Kardashian. Or Beyonce. Then they care. 

I’m loving this article by Gary Vee breaking down the new system for you. 

Phew. All can rest easy now, right?!



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    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inrecdible!

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