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Kol Ahava’s Winter Bash For SACH

Kol Ahava’s Winter Bash For SACH

Kol Ahava BoardOn February 22, 2014, Los Angeles was transformed into a “winter wonderland.” Everything, from the snowing red carpet to the comedic igloo and penguins on stage, set a fun and intriguing atmosphere for the evening. The event Winter Bash for SACH was held at the beautiful Casa Vertigo in Downtown, Los Angeles benefiting Save A Child’s Heartfoundation, or “SACH”. With their focus on creating life-saving operations for children, this was hands down the charity they wanted to represent. The amount of dedication and hard work put into this cause, by the members of Kol Ahava, is truly inspiring.

          Kol Ahava, meaning “all love” in Hebrew, is a non-profit organization comprised of eager young professionals connected by their desire to give back to the public. Starting back in 2012, Naveed Natanzi, along with others in the Jewish community, created something that would bring people together for the opportunity to help those who needed it most. The event, A Night for Ariel, kick started this venture after having received such an incredible response. meetingRealizing the potential, they formed Kol Ahava and put on their first official event, Joy for Jonah.”

           In October of 2013, our very own Nic Mora joined forces with these hometown heroes. From the first meeting, she could see the family created at Kol Ahava, and after being welcomed with open arms, decided that this was the place for her.  Fast forwarding to the present, we’re at Bash! And what is it that goes into creating a splash like Bash? Well, “months of weekly, sometimes biweekly meetings, that goes on for hours. And when we’re not at the meetings, we’re e-mailing or texting!” says Nic. Everything from picking the charity to throwing out ideas for the event’s catchphrase was a group effort. Every single member of the board had a part to play in creating such an event and everyone’s individual strengths were utilized to the organization’s advantage.

            First things first, there must always be a theme (Because let’s face it, what’s a party without a theme?)! In keeping with this #1 party rule, Tanya Kachan and Michelle Sadigh quickly took the reins with design and décor. partyWith the helping hands and resources of every member, their vision became a reality. The design, up to the lighting, was perfect. Setting the mood with garlands of lights draped from the ceiling, I could have sworn blue diamonds were hovering above me. As the night began, the overwhelming amount of guests arriving truly touched the hearts of all involved. Who can say no to kids? Judging by the almost 800 guests that attended, not many!

             Raising funds for this Israeli-based organization was their first and foremost priority. Two bake sales, raising close to $2,000 alone, really showed the incredible amount of support from strangers and people outside of their community. Each person hustled to get sponsors, donations, and even entertainment. Celebrity DJ, David Dann, loves giving back to his community and this was the perfect event to do so. Along with being surrounded by close friends and family, he got to pow wow with peer DJ’s, the EC Twins.

             Being at this event, I was truly in awe of the famous quality brought together by a united desire to save a life. Sali & David DamaEach detail so thought out, everything down to the fun photo booth, made the evening a success. 

            So where does Kol Ahava go from here? VP of Outreach, David Damavandi, says that they will resume back in a couple of weeks to start pitching their next event! Hopefully, with the amount of support continually growing, they will be able to branch out internationally in the near future. Who ever said that saving a life couldn’t be fun?

 Stay tuned for their next life changing event!

 ** For more information on Kol Ahava and how you can help Save A Child’s Heart, please visit their website here


(Note: Yana is a contributer for GiveMeMora.com & has been part of the GMM team since the beginning. With her excellent writing skills and her eye for detail, we are happy to have her begin weekly posts. You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram: @yanabunni)

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