How To Make Your Employees Super Productive

How To Make Your Employees Super Productive

As an entrepreneur, there are few people as motivated to succeed as you. After creating the vision for your business, spending time developing a business plan, crafting your marketing strategies, convincing investors to take a chance on you and then growing your business, you’ve put in the hard work and started to see the rewards. So it’s little wonder you want the very best and you know that putting in the effort will get you there. 

When it comes to your employees, the same may not always apply. Once you’ve grown your business to the point where you can take on a team, you have to begin to relinquish the total control you had as a solo operator. And although it’s an exciting time, establishing a team can actually be one of the most challenging events for a business leader. Good interviewing techniques and hiring practices go a long way to supporting with this, but what about once your employees are up and running? How do you make sure they stay productive? 

Increasing the productivity of your employees is understandably a hot topic among business owners. Get it right, and you have the potential to boost your bottom line, enhance your reputation and establish your company firmly as the go-to option for your clients. Not everyone will be as naturally motivated as you are – so instilling that sense of productivity is your first challenge. You have to get your hires bought into your vision and fired up enough that they can deliver on it consistently day by day. Building a certain amount of loyalty in this way ensures that they want to contribute to the success of the business – a step on from just turning up for a paycheck. Employees with a bigger motivation are incredibly valuable and will do wonders for your operations. They go above and beyond without thinking about it. They enhance the company’s reputation externally and they help you build a profitable, customer-centric empire. So how do you develop can do, motivated employees? 


Understand Who They Are 

When you take on a person to become a part of your business, you’re not just taking on lines on a resume – you’re taking on a complete person, whose personality and feelings are essential components of how productive and motivated they feel. If you take a genuine interest in who they are and what makes them tick, then you have much more chance at success. You’ll have the chance to discover skills and abilities of theirs that you can develop with the correct training and make into an asset for your company, as well as for their own personal development. You’ll understand what drives them so that you can devise appropriate rewards to motivate them. You’ll know about their personal circumstances and challenges – and usually, if you offer support and show trust, you’ll earn loyalty in return. Employee loyalty is incredibly valuable for so many reasons. Not only will the people working for your business be much more likely to do a great job and take pride in their work, but you will avoid the enormous cost and time drain of getting into a high-churn situation where you are constantly re-hiring. Plus, you’ll keep the expertise you’ve invested in, in your own company.


Set Great Goals 

Part of being a great leader is setting clear goals that your employees can understand and gain a sense of achievement from when complete. Use the SMART goal setting framework to clearly structure what you are asking from people. Give actionable and constructive feedback, and when something goes well, celebrate success. If you overlook these things, or assume that someone knows they’ve done a great job, you’re making a mistake. Communicate well and often about expectations and achievements and that’s half the battle.


Streamline Processes

We – and our employees- face wasting countless hours over the course of a week if the systems and processes of the company are needlessly complex or don’t work properly. There’s nothing more productivity sapping than running up against that one piece of equipment or software that simply won’t perform properly, or always ends up glitching. It can break a productive momentum and interfere drastically with a task. So make life easier by streamlining. Switch to an email client that allows you to automatically file and stream emails into different folders. Use a tool like Trello to work collaboratively and seamlessly from any location. Look into Electric’s mobile device management services so you can update apps and services centrally and monitor progress. If you have a chance to slim down a cumbersome process, do it.

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