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Medium Sima Shamash On Living Your Truth

Medium Sima Shamash On Living Your Truth

Today we have Sima Shamash guest blogging for Give Me Mora and I am so excited for you to read her story. Sima is a spiritual medium and she is the real deal – I have gone to her for guidance many, many times. Today she is discussing how she came to terms with her gift and how she navigates life! Enjoy xo NM


Hi! My name is Sima Shamash and I am a spiritual medium. I know people get a little confused by what this means so let me start by saying that I speak to people who have passed away. As a medium I have this amazing ability to use my body as a channel between the physical and spiritual world. I am able to pick up on spirits sima picenergy and then translate the energy into words. Spirit doesn’t communicate the same way we do; instead they use signs and symbols that have meaning in order to pass their messages along. Every medium works a little differently, especially in how they speak to spirit. Personally, I see images in my mind, each with a specific energy that has a meaning to it. That energy is what I can then translate into words and pass on as messages. Since the messages are unique to the person I am reading, I ask them for validation of what their loved one is showing me. My readings are mainly focused on giving healing messages to clients so that they know that even though their loved ones are no longer here in a physical form, they are still always around. Spirit see’s everything we do, every time we think of them, anything we do in honor of them and even the struggles we face after their passing. It’s beautiful to see spirit deliver specific messages validating their presence in our lives long after their passing. When I do readings, I let spirit take the wheel in what they bring forward. Whether it’s past, present or future; spirit will always bring through what we need to here.

I found out I had this gift at the age of 23, but I guess I always knew I was a little different. I thought it was the product of an over active imagination, but I started feeling something was off when I entered my 20’s and my “imagination” was getting stronger. I would feel spirit around me all the time, not really knowing what it was or why I felt that way. It wasn’t until I watched “The Long Island Medium” that I realized gifts like this do exist. When I was 23 I finally reached out to Pat Longo, a spiritual mentor from Long Island who works with many well-known mediums, and she confirmed to me that I in fact had a gift. From there, I devoted all my attention to understanding this gift and how to incorporate it into my life in order to help others through it. As excited as I was, I was also scared of judgment and worried of what people might think of me after finding out I had this gift.

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I should mention now that I am a Persian Jewish girl from LA. Our community is very tight knit, which is wonderful but also has its disadvantages. By choosing to do something so different from what any other Persian girl had ever dared to do, I also risked the judgment and bad talk that might be said about me. I didn’t tell too many people about my gift when I first found out, but chose to tell some Persian Jewish people to hear their opinions. Some said, “it’s so amazing!” while others said “don’t pursue it, it makes you weird and lessons your chances of getting married”. I tried to forget about being a medium and continue with my career as a dental hygienist, but a gift this strong can’t just be buried and forgotten about. I always felt like something was missing when I would deny to myself that I was a medium. Needing to learn sima pic 2more about this for myself, I decided to move away to New York and work more closely with my mentor. It was important to me to have my own opinion about my gift and decide what I wanted to do with it. The two years I spent in New York focusing on my gift taught me a tremendous amount about life, death and spirituality. I decided to start a website and make this my career. I was still worried about what people might say, especially my community, but I fell so in love with being a medium that none of that really mattered. Once my website was up, everyone found out I had this gift and the anxiety started to kick in. I didn’t know if I would come back to LA facing judgment or support. I wont lie, as optimistic of a person as I am, I was expecting the worst. I bit the bullet, came back home, and to my surprise, there was an overwhelming amount of support. My family, friends and community were all so intrigued and interested. This made me even more proud to be a Persian girl! Naturally the skeptics and judgmental ones do exist also, but I choose not to pay any attention to that.

I now devote most of my time to being a medium. I love how I can help others heal and bring such peace to their world. I’m in the process of creating a new blog highlighting different aspects of spirituality each week in order to spread spiritual knowledge. I also plan on holding classes for anyone interested in spirituality and creating a community in LA for all my spiritual people. Stay tuned for those, they’re coming soon! This entire experience has shaken my life upside down and left me stronger and better than ever. I’ve learned that happiness comes from honoring yourself first, second and third. And if you do not love and honor yourself, others wont either. I’ve learned that faith isn’t just a term people use to be optimistic, rather a belief system that holds a universal truth. I was never raised to be religious and understood very little about G-d and what faith actually meant. Spirituality opened a door to G-d for me without attaching a religion to it. Although I was born Jewish, my religion is love. I believe that love heals all wounds and love has the power to outcast any darkness. My dream is to continue doing what I love, and by doing so; I hope to inspire others to chase their dreams too. Anything we are capable of imagining for ourselves already exists in the universe. When you know this, you know that a dream is not just a dream, but your souls actual calling. So go ahead, chase it!


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