MORAvational Monday: Finding Your Voice

MORAvational Monday: Finding Your Voice

Coming into your own can be a dark and windy road, often with no destination in finding-your-voicesight. Finding who you are also means finding your voice; reaching into your inner strength and vocalizing it.

Just as you change over time and grow into you, so does your voice.

I chose this topic as today’s MORAvational Monday because I feel like, through a bunch of trials and tribulations, I have found my voice. I can only share with you what’s personally helped me and hope it will inspire you to come on here and share what has helped you. So for me, it’s been taking a step back from everything: family, friends, life, religion, career, and whatever other things that are important.

By stepping away from the things that consume your life, you have space to see what and where you stand on certain aspects. What’s helped me grow into myself is not surrounding myself with negative energy. When I get bad vibes from someone, or if I’m in a situation where I’m just not having fun, I walk away. Or as I like to say, I shut that shit down. Being strong enough to shut it down made me find the strength to find my voice.

There’s some stuff I still don’t have a voice or opinion on (politics, for example), but there’s plenty of situations where I can bring my voice to the table.

Experiment with your voice. I tried approaching situations in many different ways until I found what made me and those around me comfortable. I’ve learned I don’t need to express my thoughts on every single thing I might have an opinion about. At the end of the day, no one wants to hear about what you think all the time. Shocking, I know.

Challenge yourself. Have the hard conversations. Talk about things you wouldn’t normally talk about. Be open. Learn from your surroundings.

Put yourself in odd situations. It makes me uncomfortable going to places where I barely know anyone, but putting myself there makes me better. Finding your voice also means finding yourself and what you can bring into your interpersonal relationships. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Listen to them and let them elevate you to a new level.

When you allow someone to breathe fresh and new energy into your soul, you will find out things about yourself you never even knew.

When you allow yourself to breathe new energy into someone else’s soul, you may teach someone something, too.

It’s all universal. It’s all relative. Just be open.

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