MORAvational Monday: Transparency

MORAvational Monday: Transparency

Somewhere along the way, I think a lot of us blocked out the part of us that allows us to be transparency-quotes-3transparent; to express how we feel, to mean what we say, and to let another person see all of us. 

The more I travel and explore other cultures, the more I see that this concept of hiding who we are and playing games is more of an American thing rather than a universal one. When I speak to my friends in Europe or listen to them speak about their relationships, the biggest common factor is the lack of apparent games. 

Perhaps this is why America has such a high divorce rate while Europeans do not. Maybe this is why it’s easier to have a real friendship with a European (or between Europeans) than it is for 2 Americans. 

We came to America to live the good old American dream, yet so many of us believe the grass is greener on the other side. NO. [highlight]The grass is greener where you water it, hunny.  [/highlight]

You want a strong, meaningful relationship? Nurture it. Show it love consistently so it does not question you. Spend your quality time, affirm each other, touch each other, perform acts of service and give each other gifts just because. We as humans, we need this. What we don’t need, however, is to wonder whether someone likes us or loves us, if they’re being faithful, and if they’re showing us their true colors. 

You want a powerful friendship? Talk about your fears, your wants, your desires. Talk about what makes you tick, what you’re struggling with throughout your life, sit in silence or talk for hours. Help each other, want the best for each other, and check-in even when it’s not convenient. No one needs a fake friend, a jealous friend, or someone who comes around only when it’s convenient or because they have an ulterior motive. 

Have you ever had a conversation with an Italian? They OOZE transparency. You never even have to question their intentions. When an Italian loves you, whether it’s romantically or as a friend, they love you with their whole heart. They tell you 100 times over their feelings about you. And if they’re upset with you, they’ll express that too. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s freaking amazing. 

Since when did it become cool to pretend to be someone or something we are not? And since when did people think it was better to play games rather than to be real? I can’t help but think think we’ve all lost ourselves for the sake of preserving both our egos and our pride. 

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

I challenge you to say how you feel, be who you are, and not think twice about it. I’ve been trying really hard at this and I have to say, life is so much better when you can just be REAL.

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