MORAversary: We Are FOUR Years Old!

MORAversary: We Are FOUR Years Old!

It’s our blogiversary or as I like to call it: MORAversary!

Give Me Mora is officially 4 years old today and it couldn’t be more perfect with Thanksgiving being tomorrow. 1,461 days and over 700 posts later and here we are! I can’t believe it. 

On this MORAversary, I am reflecting as I always do. Our third year was a big one for me. I quit my day job to pursue the blogging and TV Host world full-time, we did brand deals with companies I never thought would even look our way, we were able to turn this little blog into one I could survive off of, I launched The Participation Trophy & began working as a TV Host more and more frequently. And those were just my personal favorite highlights. 

give me mora anniv

Of course, with all of the “cool” stuff comes some not so great stuff. I had to cut down and struggle with a new budget for the first few months, I had to let certain people out of my life, and I was told “no” so many times I lost count. There were several nights in a row I’d find myself crying to either myself or someone close to me about where my future was headed. I can’t tell you how many times I questioned giving up or how many days I felt I would never get through. I was lost, confused, and honestly, I didn’t know if I had it in me anymore. When you have been fighting and chasing a dream for so long, it sometimes feels like you’ll never make it to the finish line. I remember praying several times a day and asking God to just show me a sign. It was tough and I never really vocalized just how hard it was because, at the end of the day, I chose this life.

When you chose a certain path, you can’t complain about it, you just have to move forward. 

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I’m going to express some gratitude and let you know what I’m looking forward to in year 4.

I am grateful for the immense amount of support YOU have given me. I am grateful to my amazing team of people who work to make this bad boy run smoothly – from Sali, to our guest writers, to the wonderful PR ladies who are constantly in our corner. You have all helped my dreams come true. I am grateful to my family for dealing with my 2475294 post-quarter life crisis’ and for helping me get through them one day at a time. I am grateful for my solid group of friends who are my extended family. My friends and family have given me strength when I didn’t have any, they took the weight off of my shoulders and helped me carry it, even if it meant they had to wipe my tears the whole way through. That is priceless. I am grateful for my teachers and mentors who have taught me that once you’re about to give up, magic happens. And lastly, I’m grateful for the community we have been able to create on this platform. You have made putting myself out there a little less daunting and you have taught me so much about the world. 

On our 4th year, I’m looking forward to a (hopefully) easier year! LOL. But really, now that we have watered our gardens, I’m looking forward to seeing more roses. I can’t wait to roll out more video content for you in 2018.

NEWS: We are launching a new series on Monday that I am stoked about! 

I hope to continue to write pieces that resonate with you, keep you entertained, and I hope when you click on Give Me Mora, you find yourself feeling a little less alone. 

FYI, I have been crying big, fat tears writing this blog post if that is any indication of how I feel. 

Thank you for filling me with purpose, for your words of encouragement (and even your hate mail), and for sharing the love on your social media platforms. 

Year 3 was great, but year 4 is about to be LIT

With all my love on this MORAversary and every day,


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Note: These amazing photos were taken by Isabel Bina. Website || Instagram

The custom jacket, which is the most major thing I’ve ever gotten, was designed by Left Behind Clothing. Website || Instagram


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  • Jess Pacheco says:

    Hi Mora! I am happy to have come across your blog. I am a bit late for this, but everyday is something to celebrate and well CONGRATULATIONS on accomplishing such a tremendous goal and dream! I am also working my way to achieving the very goal you achieved and, wow, do I understand the bouts of doubt, wonder and prayers for a sign that one encounters on this journey. BUT there is so much one can accomplish in the digital sphere, it’s overwhelming and exciting to think about, yes, but the more I come across bloggers who are leaving their day jobs to pursue full-time blogging, the more I am filled with hope and straight up EVIDENCE that with consistency and quality it can be done! I also think that when you take risks, like how when you quit your “traditional” job to pursue blogging full time, that that risk will come full circle eventually and reward you with double the investment, double the benefits and double the fun! It’s sure as all hell very scary, but, as you can see, it’s worth it. With that said, I would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think of it, if you have a moment to do so, please. I look forward to more of your work and creativity.

    Best, Jess || https://www.learningfromstrangers.com

    • Nic Mora says:

      Thank you so much!! It totally can be done, but with TIME. No risk, no reward. Will check out your site soon! And please message me if you have any questions. xo NM

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