NYFW Fall/Winter 2015 Round-Up

NYFW Fall/Winter 2015 Round-Up

New York Fashion Week was an absolute whirlwind! Between seeing some awesome shows, taking meetings and doing interviews, I am utterly and completely exhausted! And I wasn’t even there for the entire week.1378574_10205278288571324_5098181762398443588_n

Now that it’s over, it’s time for Nic’s New York Fashion Week round-up!

One thing that immediately stuck out to me was how much things have changed in every industry since the emergence of blogging and Instagram. Up until a few years ago, fashion week was known for its surplus of celebrity attendance. Now, it’s still filled with celebs, but you see just as many, if not more, bloggers as well. These bloggers have become famous in their own way whether it’s through their actual blog, or the success of their Instagram following. As I was looking around, I found it to be very fascinating how much social media has changed everything. 

Everywhere you would turn there was another blogger taking photos or videos for their feeds, writers were hunched over their computers uploading their posts about the show they just saw, and people were giving interviews left and right. It’s really crazy how it’s all become a different world. Also – what is up with some of these bloggers’ attitudes?! If I had a dollar for every entitled blogger I rubbed elbows with…I just have no words. While most were very sweet and humble, some were not pleasant. I guess that’s how every business is, but I was kind of surprised, to be honest. There’s no need for attitude or self-righteousness. Ever. 

As magical as New York Fashion Week is and was, the freezing cold made me somewhat miserable. What the fuck was that weather though? I come from Los Angeles and we don’t even know what a “wind chill” is for crying out loud! I don’t know how anyone could dress cute in that, I sure didn’t know how. 

Another surprising yet not so surprising thing I noticed was the lack of curves on the runway. I understand why designers choose the frail models that they do, but being that curves are in right now — butt implants and waist trainers have been all the rage — I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that each model walking down the runway looked like they were about to break. It was gross. I hope next season the designers choose figures a little bit fuller or at least with a butt or boobs.

What can we expect fashion wise during the fall season?

Lots and lots of black. HALLEYLU. I will fit right in, that’s for damn sure. Besides black being the new black, you can expect to see tons of gold beading/embellishments, pops of deep reds and blues, and plenty of white. Think fitted clothing with looser fitting jackets and coats draped over your shoulders paired with different half-up hairstyles. Jumpsuits aren’t going anywhere – thank G – and are only going to get more sexier. 

How can you make these looks #BougieOnABudget ?

The fact that neutrals like black and white are going to be trendier than ever is a blessing for those on a budget! The best clothing always looks most expensive when it’s in black. Stores like Forever 21, H&M, Zara will be your go-to’s for must-have black clothing. Don’t forget sales at places like Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and Nordstroms. There is literally a sale always going on at department stores — do not buy full priced from a department store! If you hate going to the mall as much as I do, hop onto sites like ASOS and click away. 

What I like to do is buy tons of black semi-loose shirts for no more than $30, pair it with my favorite black jeans (the Jamie jean from Top Shop), and rock a major jacket or coat. I will spend money on a good jacket that will last me and always stay in style, rather than shirts that I will get tired of after a few months. A great necklace is always a good investment too! I recently bought a stunning necklace from BCBG Maxazria for 65% off that I will have for years. Invest in pieces that will last! 

Plaid is also still going to be in, so save your plaid-wear for the upcoming seasons instead of buying more!

In case you missed the previous NYFW posts, you can click through here:

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That’s a wrap on NYFW! I had a blast meeting so many new people and checking out the latest trends! I’m looking forward to going back in September.

xo NM

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