The Professional Wedding Guest: Challah Baking Party

The Professional Wedding Guest: Challah Baking Party

My best friend Lina is getting married and I wanted to do something special for her before the big day to show her my appreciation for our friendship. As your resident and self-proclaimed Professional Wedding Guest, I knew I had to get creative. The bachelorette & lingerie party were planned by her MOH and I was racking my brain trying to think of something different. Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid, weddings are a time where you get to honor your friendship, and I wanted to make sure honor ours. 

I’m Jewish and something I’ve loved doing over the years is baking challah. To make challah before Shabbat is super spiritual and a tradition that I love.

I HATE the labor involved in hosting for a party. So not Persian Jewish girl of me. Planning the menu, having people over, and all of that is my jam – it’s the go to 10 grocery stores, set up, clean up situation that is just not for me. I host people all the time whether it’s for Bachelor viewing parties, or just because, but it’s always been easy because I’ve had my mom to rely on.

My mom broke her ankle and is out of commission. Just my luck. Now I have to figure things out on my own AKA go to the grocery stores all by my lonesome. And don’t forget about the labor involved here people. I don’t do manual labor. 

Whether you’re throwing a challah baking party for your bride-to-be, or just a party in general for your girls, you can incorporate some of these tips and tricks: 

Number of guests: 15

Drinks – I wanted to keep things light and not wild so I grabbed a few different bottles at Trader Joe’s and did soft drinks. You can also make your own chia seed drink by mixing water, raspberry syrup, chia seeds and ice – boom, affordable. 

Food Menu: 

1 large kale salad mix from Smart & Final.

1 green salad with lemon & olive oil dressing. 

1 cabbage salad mix from Smart & Final. 

2 truffle mushroom flat breads from Trader Joe’s.

2 pesto pizzas from Trader Joe’s.

Fruit plates: sliced watermelon. cantaloupe & mixed berries.

Homemade potato and egg salad (thanks dad)

Dips (from Trader Joe’s): spicy hummus, guilt-free spinach & artichoke dip, plan yogurt with dried dill

1 large salmon baked in the oven with lemon, garlic, paprika, olive oil, salt & pepper. 

1 large bag of jalapeño chips + 1 large bag of classic Lay’s

3 small cakes from Ralph’s 

Cheese board (You can mix it up based on your personal preferences, but this one always works for my parties):

1 Brie 

1 smoked Gouda

1 blueberry goat cheese

Pita crisps (Trader Joe’s)

Pumpkin crisps (seasonal from Trader Joe’s)

Red grapes 


Olives (black and green)

After we ate and chilled a bit, we made our way over to the backyard to make some challah! If you’re not Jewish or making challah isn’t your thing, you can skip this next part. 

#BougieOnABudget tip: the bowls you will make your challah in can be purchased at your local 99 Cents store or Dollar Store. Utilize your discount stores!! So many of things you would get at Smart & Final, Ralph’s and the like can also be purchased at places like the 99 Cents store for much cheaper. Save where you can. 

Toppings are my favorite part of this entire thing, so naturally I loaded my butterfly plate with the goods: rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chip (parve), and a cinnamon + brown sugar mix. 

This challah recipe is great if you don’t have one.

We took our time praying and just enjoying the process. It was such a spiritual way to get ready for Lina’s wedding. I’m so happy the girls enjoyed it as much as I did. 

xo NM

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