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R.M. Drake: Q&A With The Man Behind Your Favorite Instagram Quotes

R.M. Drake: Q&A With The Man Behind Your Favorite Instagram Quotes

This is a very special week for me — as our one year anniversary is on Saturday — so this week there will be tons of Picture 3special posts to celebrate. I can’t even explain how excited I am to start off our anniversary week with this Q&A!

R.M. Drake is the man behind your favorite celebrity’s Instagram quotes. His writing speaks to me and ignites something in me that I didn’t even know was possible. [highlight]R.M. Drake’s writing is raw, it’s real, and it’s relatable.[/highlight]

Peep our Q&A and get to know the man behind the words!

1. Hi! Thank you so much for chatting with [typography font=”Cantarell” size=”15″ size_format=”px” color=”#ff6666″]Give Me Mora[/typography] ! We are so honored to have you on our site.  First, tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up? And did that have an impact on who you are as a writer? 

I grew up in Miami, Florida. I believe Miami as a place has had very little impact on me. But what has had a great impact on me has been the people living in it. I have met so many people and I have had so many walk in and out of my life. And because of that I am grateful because it has given me the knowledge and the experience I needed to write the way I write today.  

2. When did you first start writing? 

I have been writing since the 90s. I have written short stories all my life. I have always been interested in telling stories. It was just something so natural to me. I love it and I will never stop.

3. How did you decide to publish your work onto Instagram? 

When Instagram opened up I have a similar account to what I have now. I had it till august of 2013, then I closed it. Then I reopened it in November of that year. I was just experimenting with the app and I wanted to write without knowing what I got myself into.  

4. Did you ever think celebrities such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Nina Dobrev would be reposting your work? Who is your celeb crush? 

There are several celebrities following me and I love that too because it reveals that even celebrities feel the same things we all do. [quote]We are all human and we all go through the same issues. There is no difference for celebrities.[/quote]

My celebrity crush is Shay Mitchell.  

5. We love how your words are so raw and vulnerable, were you ever scared to share that with the world? 

No I was not because it being online makes it impersonal to me but that is ironic in a way. Because these are my deepest thoughts and feelings. Nothing makes sense sometimes but it works. It is a beautiful thing to be vulnerable people do not realize this so they become hard and cold.  

6. What inspires you to write? 

A lot of my inspiration comes from people I know. Sometimes I take them and what they are going through and I write about it. Sometimes I am trying to create a moment or an idea. My inspiration comes from a lot of things. I cannot pinpoint it to one thing. Everything inspires me, [highlight]the world is full of inspiration for those who are willing to see.  [/highlight]

7. You often write about a woman…is it about one specific woman or do you draw from different women you’ve come across? 

She is sometimes a reflection of myself but sometimes it is a woman I know. I like to write about people I know. People I have spent time on. People I have invested myself on too. It is such a incredible thing how much you can learn about yourself by interacting with someone else. I see myself in people and people see themselves in me. What a beautiful connection. I love it.  

8. Favorite poem? Picture 4

Virginia Woolf “angels” 

9. Favorite writer? 

Albert Camus 

10. What is something that you want people to know about you?  

That the people who read my work make me feel like I am not alone. Sometimes I feel like I am alone and I detach myself from it all. I like to be alone not because I do not like people but because sometimes I do not feel like talking or listening. Sometimes noise bothers me. Loud places bother me. A lot of things bother me. But the people that find themselves within my words, I love them. They make me feel different, they make me feel alive.

11.  Where can we buy your work as well as follow you? 

On Amazon.com and in Barnes and Noble too. You can also find it in stores.

I love you all.  

Follow R.M. Drake:
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    “She is sometimes a reflection of myself” – ugh i love his words

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