The Secrets to Looking and Feeling Your Best

The Secrets to Looking and Feeling Your Best

We can all relate to the feeling of just how good it is when we’re looking and feeling our best. The world just seems a little bit brighter; we feel more confident, we’re happier — it’s just nothing but good things. Alas, sometimes it feels as if that feeling is all too elusive. We might want to be at our brilliant best, but actually making it happen can be a little difficult — or so we think. In fact, there are plenty of tried and tested methods that’ll have you on your way to the best you. We take a look at just six of them below.

Work Up a Sweat

If there’s one thing that you could tell the past you that would have a big impact on your life today, it would be: exercise. It’s not the most exciting prospect in the world, sure, but it can have such a positive impact. It’s not just about getting toned and looking fit, though that is, of course, an important aspect — by working up a sweat, you’ll also release plenty of feel-good chemicals into your mind (such as endorphins) and ensure that you have enough energy to enjoy the day fully. If the idea of visiting the gym really doesn’t appeal, then you can find a physical activity that you enjoy instead. 


Into Nature

We tend to think of humans as indoor creatures. We do, after all, spend a large chunk of our time inside, be it our home, the office, or our cars. But in fact, we belong in the outdoors, away from the city and in nature. Of course, there are reasons why we live the way we do, and there are for sure benefits. However, it’s important that you don’t cut off your connection with nature entirely. Studies have shown that just a couple of hours in nature can be enough to make us happier and reduce our anxiety levels.


A Touch of the Sun

When it comes to our looks, we tend to focus on things such as our hairstyles and our clothes and so on. And while those things are important, the most crucial aspect is probably one that is often overlooked: your skin. You’ll already know just how much better you look when your face has a healthy glow. This is something that’s in your control! If you need a top-up of sun, then look at taking a trip (or fit some outdoor time into your schedule if it’s summer). Be sure to have some after tan moisturizers in your travel bag, too — they’ll help to keep your tan for longer. As well as bringing some sunshine into your life, you’ll also want to look at developing a robust skin routine, one that gets rid of the dirt and grease and makes your face glow. It really will make a difference in how you look.


New Clothes

There’s no faster path towards looking your best than hitting the shops and picking up some stylish new threads. We tend to find ourselves in a rut from time to time when it comes to our clothes. We get a little too comfortable with the items that we’ve worn over and over again, and we don’t realize that it is subtly affecting our appearance in a negative way. So the next time you want to give yourself a boost, hit the shops. It’s best to go into these things with an idea of what we’re looking for, so take a look at some style tips before you go.


Bringing the Happiness

If you’re going to feel your best, then you need to be happy — yet when we look at how we’re spending our time, it often becomes clear that we’re not doing too many things that actually make us happy. We’re just waiting for it to happen. Moving forward, look at doing things that you know will bring you joy. Life’s too short to only do what’s expected of you — break out of your cycle of responsibilities from time to time and have fun.


Walking Tall

And finally, remember that it’s impossible to look your best if you don’t have confidence! You could get everything else right, but if you’re not walking tall, then no-one’s going to notice. Take the time to develop your presence of mind and build your confidence. You’ll find that life becomes a little more manageable and you’re feeling your best — confidence really can have such a big impact on how we see ourselves and our place in the world.

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