Simple Beauty Tips For Winter

Simple Beauty Tips For Winter

Winter is coming, and it is time to transform the way we look after our hair and skin in preparation for harsher weather. When the climate becomes colder and the weather is more unpredictable, it is important for us to protect our skin and hair to ensure that it doesn’t become cracked or damaged by the cold. Today we are taking a look at some handy tips to help you stay glowing and youthful all winter long.


Think Lemons

The first thing to consider when you want to make sure that your skin is healthy is to eat or drink lemon. Lemon is full of vitamin C, and vitamin C is a key component in the production of collagen that keeps our skin elastic. Unless you want to go through plastic surgery for your wrinkles after the winter, make sure to drink and eat lots of lemon throughout the winter!


Keep Moisturized

It is incredibly important to keep your skin hydrated and protected during the winter. When the temperature outside drops our skin cells are much more vulnerable and cold weather can dry them out and cause them to crack. Unless you want your skin to be dry and flaky all season long, it is crucial to moisturize often. Make sure to moisturize in the morning and the evening, and also invest in a rose water facial spray to hydrate the skin throughout the day without ruining your makeup.


Oil It Up

 Both our skin and hair produce natural oils, and these oils provide a protective barrier to the skin and hair and ensure that they don’t become flaky. If you are looking to keep your hair and skin looking shiny and youthful, consider switching from your regular moisturizer to an oil. A mixture of argan, coconut, and almond can be used on the face to brighten the skin and on the hair to protect it from damage and improve its shine.


Lip Care

One of the most vulnerable areas of the body during the winter is the lips. Our lips are an extremity of the body and when the cold weather begins to set in they are very susceptible to drying out and cracking. To avoid cracked and dry lips, consider applying oil to the lips or a natural beeswax lip balm to keep them protected from the cold.


Cool The Contour

 As well as skin and hair care tips for winter, one big thing to consider is makeup tips. During the summer most of us reach for very warm tones contour and highlighter to match the sun and a tanned complexion. Once winter comes though, consider choosing a different shade of contour and highlight that is a little cooler. This will allow your skin to look more natural and not cakey.


Deep Tones

Winter is a time to have fun with makeup, and dark tones such as red, plum, and brown can be a great way to make the eyes and lips pop against pale skin. Have fun with colours and play around with smoky eyes to allow you shine all winter long.

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