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Sophie Tweed-Simmons Shares Her Health Tips With GMM!

Sophie Tweed-Simmons Shares Her Health Tips With GMM!

Staying in shape and eating healthy is tough as it is, but during the holidays? SophieForget about it! Sophie Tweed-Simmons is here to help and share some advice!  If you watched last seasons X-Factor USA or tuned into Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, you’ll definitely recognize and already love Sophie as much as I do! I met Sophie while I was covering a Grammy’s after party for AXS TV last year and have since then hung out with her enough to know how talented and sweet she is. If you don’t already know her, Sophie is a talented singer/songwriter & actress. Having grown up in the spotlight, she knows very well what it’s like to constantly need to be in shape and look good — and now she’s sharing her tips & tricks with Give Me Mora! Take a look at this interview I did with her and join in! xo NM


Give Me Mora: Hi Sophie! Thanks for sharing your fitness tips & tricks with Give Me Mora! You recently tweeted that you’ve lost 15 pounds in 3 months — that’s amazing! What’s your secret to looking better and better?

Sophie Tweed-Simmons: It’s hard work! There is no secret to losing weight. It’s calories in and calories out. [quote style=”boxed” float=”left”]Everyone is looking for an easy way…get over it, accept that if you want to lose weight you have to be disciplined. [/quote] I’m over girls complaining about their bodies! It’s something YOU control! No one else is stuffing food into your mouth. No one is making you lay on the couch instead of going for a run.

GMM: How often do you work out? What are your fave workouts to do that shed and tone the most?

Sophie: To be honest I travel a lot so working out sometimes isn’t an option. Days I don’t work out I eat significantly less! When I’m home I try to workout everyday if I can! Or at least do something fun like go to the beach! Just leaving your house burns more calories than nothing.

GMM: They say eating is 80% of the battle…do you find this to be true? Have you changed your eating habits?

Sophie: I recently found out that I have some food allergies I didn’t know about! I’m allergic to chocolate, all dairy ( cheese milk etc) , yeast, pecans and shellfish! So right off the bat I don’t eat dairy or bread or chocolate! I literally only eat lean chicken, turkey and fish, vegetables of all kinds (excluding potatoes and corn) and some fruits ( apples, pomegranates, melon, citrus fruits). That’s literally it, no grains except occasional quinoa, no carbs and not that much sugar. I try to also stay away from soy! Try almond milk instead. So yes I did change my eating habits and I found that since excluding foods I’m allergic to, the pounds fell off.

GMM: What do you eat in a normal day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + snacks)?

Sophie: I’m not saying this is healthy in any way but honestly this is an average day. Everyday is different so don’t think it’s as strict as the same food everyday. I don’t eat breakfast usually, I have an almond milk latte with an added shot. If I do eat breakfast it’s one hard boiled egg and sautéed veggies. Then I usually don’t eat in the afternoon, not on purpose but because I’m running around to auditions and the afternoon is when I train if I can! For dinner I’ll have chicken or fish with more veggies and throughout the day if I’m hungry I will have an apple or orange. I also drink lots of green juices. I find that I’m not ACTUALLY hungry most of the time, I’m bored or preoccupied and eating is convenient. [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]I was a chronic feeling eater; I ate my emotions. Just because society gives me big portions and tells me it’s lunch time doesn’t mean I’m hungry. [/quote] I ONLY eat when I get that feeling in my stomach of being hungry not at a specific time of day.

GMM: You’re always traveling! We know how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re constantly away from home. How do you make sure you’re not cheating too much and staying on track?

Sophie: I don’t eat airplane food. It sucks. Bring your own snacks they won’t make you throw it out if it isn’t liquid. Or in the terminal get a better option. DON’T EVER. Order room service! If you must, just order veggies and chicken. Otherwise find a local food joint that caters to your needs or grocery shop.

GMM: What is your guilty food pleasure? How often do you let yourself have it? And what is your favorite healthy meal? Gotta have the good AND bad!

Sophie: I love the soy caramel brûlée latte from Starbucks! Every other day I cheat! Not all day but just something small like a latte or popcorn at the movies! I never deprive myself at the movies. It’s a tradition. A treat means something small — not something like a whole cake. And it definitely doesn’t mean all day!

GMM: What can you recommend to anyone trying to slim down during the holidays?

Sophie: Don’t eat holiday foods! Cookies cakes and eggnog! Anything seasonal don’t eat it. Stick to what you know. If for your treat you want one cup of eggnog go for it but realize the holidays are like a whole month! So pause, think before you eat. Don’t sabotage  yourself. 

GMM: We know it’s all about drinking water! How much do you make sure to drink a day?

Sophie: I’m sure I don’t drink as much water as I should. But I do drink all day whether it’s coffee, tea, juices or smoothies. No dairy of course and no chocolate (that means mocha).

GMM: Any other health tips or tricks you’d like to share?

Sophie: Being hungry is a feeling a lot of us forgot. It’s not a BAD thing to be hungry for half an hour before betting some food! We rush to eat before we even have a tingle of hunger. Also stop complaining. You have all the tools to lose weight. [quote style=”boxed”]If you are lazy or unmotivated recognize that and don’t blame it on genetics or habits. Habits can be broken and genetics can’t beat hard work. [/quote] Sorry to burst your bubble but I don’t have sympathy for complainers, enablers, drinkers, smokers or lazy people anymore and they aren’t going to sabotage me any longer.

Thank you so much for sharing, Sophie! We can’t wait to see your before and after pics!

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