How To Stay Safe on a Girls’ Night Out

How To Stay Safe on a Girls’ Night Out

Going for a night out on the town with your girlfriends can be great fun, and after reaching the age of 21, can also mean experimenting with alcohol if you choose to do so. While some things are just logical when it comes to staying safe on your night out, here are some things to think about to make sure that your memories of your evening are not ruined by danger. 

Arrange How You’re Getting Home

It’s two-am, and the last public transportation is one-fifty-five am. You’re ten miles from home, and you have no cash for a taxi. Uber costs have surged. Your feet are killing you (another point to consider-sensible shoes?) How do you get home? Something that should have been planned before pre-drinks. Maybe pre-book a taxi and make sure that all people in the group are aware of how they’re getting home and when. Avoid being stranded and vulnerable on your night out. Maybe consider taking it in turns to be the designated driver, to make sure someone is sober and responsible for getting everyone home of an evening- how you do it is up to you, but make sure it’s your turn sometimes! 

Stay Safe at the ATM 

While most bars will take cards now, you still might want a bit of ‘just in case’ cash (see above- for a taxi!) Keep your cards safe when out at night. When it comes to taking cash out, make sure to shield your PIN, even if you think nobody is around at the time. Many of these areas are bugged with cameras and technology that can swipe your cards and your details. Check the machine for visual evidence of the use of skimming devices. An example of this could be when the surround is covered in sticky residue, scratches or dents around the PIN pad, or if it is noticeably difficult to press the buttons. Keep safe and alert when around machines, especially if people try to distract you. Don’t let anybody see how much cash you got out, as you could become a potential target for thieves. 

Keep Your ID Safe 

It used to be easy to get away with using a fake ID to do things that were meant for people that were older than you really were. However now, intelligent technology and the chips present in government ID puts those days very far behind us. It’s also a tool that is designed to keep you safe from identity theft. Technology such as Jumio identity verification offers cross-platform support to its users, making the technology more mobile, and easier to update. This means that it is easier and safer to keep your ID safe…and also means you’re less likely to make a drunken online purchase (although who wouldn’t want those giant inflatable flamingos for their apartment?) with excess ID protection in place making online shopping more secure as well.
ID safety is also physical- you will need your ID to get in places- make sure it is accessible to you, but not others. Although it is a common space-saving exercise- do not go out with your cards, cash ID and phone together, if you lose one, you’ll lose them all! Keep them in a closed clasp clutch bag separate to each other.


Set Boundaries with Drinking

If you are at the legal drinking age, you may choose to drink when out and about. If you are going to drink, practice responsible drinking. Some rules to stick by: Don’t mix your drink. Have a non-alcoholic drink between each alcoholic drink to ensure that the alcohol doesn’t reach your system too quickly. Set yourself a limit of how many drinks you’re going to drink and stick to it. Follow these rules and you can still have a good time, but you shouldn’t get carried away. 

Guard Your Drinks 

While 2-4-1 drinks deals can be tempting at times, unless you and your girls have a safe space to keep your drinks, it’s best to avoid getting yourself 2 drinks at a time. It’s hard to navigate holding two drinks and a clutch bag while dancing, and it’s definitely ill-advised to leave drinks unaccompanied. There is a lot of potential for drink spiking which could lead to a trip to the emergency room if you’re not careful! 


Have Fun 

The point of a night out is to not spend it being scared. Be responsible and mindful, but also aware of yourself and your surroundings. Have fun with your friends and take care of each other while letting your hair down.

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