The Happiness Diet

The Happiness Diet

I’ve had tons of people asking me what I’ve been on lately – guess I’ve lost a few lbs, am noticeably more relaxed and people want to know if I’ve been doing something different. Most of them assuming I’ve been on a new diet.

The answer is yes, I have been on a new diet. And the results have been CHAmazing.

Best of all, it’s a free one!

I’ve been on the happiness diet.

Finding your happiness after a rough patch can be more than difficult. I’m not gonna lie, I lost myself for a bit after college. I was no longer the positive, happy-go-lucky, carefree girl anymore. Instead, I turned into someone filled with worry, anxiety, and lived in fear of the unknown. Pretty much the definition of a nervous person!

About a year ago, I decided that if I wanted to achieve different results in all aspects of my life, I was going to have to start doing things and trying things I hadn’t done before.

After observing the lives of people around me who looked the most relaxed and at ease with their lives and after reflecting on the old carefree me, I realized a few things:

The happiest and most fulfilled people I know also happened to be selfish. There can be a bad stigma to being selfish, and I too looked at being selfish as a bad thing. But, like with anything in life, everything in moderation. Anything extreme is never a good thing.

These happy people put their wants and their needs first. They made themselves their #1 priority. What these happy people also had in common was that they didn’t stress the small stuff or anything that was out of their control.

My grandfather was one of the happiest people I knew. When I lost him in December, I was able to do a lot of reflecting. I had been following through with my resolution months past to be a bit selfish, however I still wasn’t 100% the old, fun me. While the loss hurt like hell and forced me to experience a pain I had never felt before, I also realized that (hopefully) most of the things in life will never hurt me as much as this loss, therefore anything that’s out of my control is not worth being upset over.

Something just clicked for me. 

So, after all of this, I decided to make a bigger change: to be more selfish and to finally start letting go of the things I cannot and will not ever be able to control.

For 25 years I put everybody else in front of me (even people who didn’t deserve it), making myself my #2 priority. This is WRONG! Learn this lesson immediately if you haven’t yet.

I quickly began making changes and continued the happiness diet full throttle.

I stopped stressing. Probably the hardest part of the diet, to be honest.

I reflected. Everything in my life had played out exactly as it needed to and it will continue to be the same way as long as I stay true to myself. 

I threw out the rule book. My life, my rules. Not yours, not anyone’s. MINE. 

I started living for ME. I’m sure the people around me don’t always agree with my decisions or how I go about things, but that’s not their call to make. You go to bed with YOU at the end of the day. Or at least until you’re married and you have to go to bed with your partner! 

If it doesn’t serve me, it’s not in my life. There are very few people and things I can’t live without. Everything else is negotiable.

My friends and family will tell you that this is the most selfish I’ve ever been. 

But guess what?

This is also the happiest I’ve been in years.

I’m a better daughter, sister, friend, TV host & blogger, etc because of it. My loved ones are my LIFE, but I can’t be the best me for them if I don’t take care of me first.

The happiness diet in a nutshell:

Being selfish. Taking risks. Worrying less.

Loving more. Laughing until it hurts. Working harder.

Dreaming bigger. Living without boundaries. 

And here’s a fun little thing: when you stop worrying/stressing about your weight or body and focus on just being good to yourself, the weight somehow comes off 😉 

Get your mind right and everything else will follow my loves! 

How do YOU find your happiness?


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