The Point Of Therapy

The Point Of Therapy

As I was browsing through Thought Catalog, I came across this article titled What’s The Point Of Therapy? Interesting take on the entire seeing-a-therapist thing in society.

Therapy has been the topic of discussion for the past two years amongst people I know; I’ve heard stories of people who tried therapy and hated it, people who go regularly and love it, people who need it but are scared, and so forth.

Which one are you?

I go to therapy once every few weeks and I see nothing wrong with it. When I’m having a hard time you can best therapybelieve my ass is on that couch every week until I’m better. I usually don’t go around parading this, but after much talk with the people around me, I felt like I owed to people to say it. There’s this stigma around seeing a therapist that’s completely wrong! 

If you see a therapist, it doesn’t mean you’re crazy. In fact, it kinda means you’re sane. Those who don’t seek help when they need it end up doing more harm than those who seek help. 

[highlight]In LA, having a therapist is like having a maid — almost all people have one and some have several. [/highlight]

I don’t see a therapist because I have suicidal thoughts, I’m not a sociopath, and I most definitely don’t want to hurt anybody. I see a therapist to get perspective with certain situations, to help me work on myself to become a better person, and to work through my anxieties. Does that make me crazy? No. Is everyone that goes to therapy crazy? NO. 

We really need to stop acting like going to therapy is a bad thing, because there truly is nothing wrong with it. I come from a Persian-Jewish background where seeking help from a therapist is viewed as ‘taboo’, when in actuality, it makes us better and able to form stronger relationships. So, trust me, I get the mentality people have when it comes to all of this. 

There’s tons of different types of therapy — dance, music, water, and even exercise. Find what works best for you. Exercise is my daily dose of therapy.

Open your mind. Seek help if you need it or want it. Stop worrying.

xo NM

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