Things Every Woman Should Do Before Getting Married

Things Every Woman Should Do Before Getting Married

For many women, marriage is an experience they’ve been looking forward to since they were young girls. It’s a momentous event that we practice as children and begin to plan for before we even truly know what it means. However, while marriage is undoubtedly exciting, it’s far from the only life-changing occurrence you’ll face. There are plenty of other milestones you have to pass, many of which are more important than tying the knot. Before you settle down, you have to look after yourself. With that in mind, here are fifteen things women should do before getting married. 


  1. Get A Real Education

Anyone can get an education, regardless of their marital status. However, many women prefer to finish school before they tie the knot. A relationship can take up a lot of time, after all, which could impact the work you do. By heading to college now, you give yourself a better chance of passing your degree. If college isn’t right for you, there are plenty of other ways to keep learning. Some women take online classes, but there are lots of books, blogs, and podcasts to learn from too. 


  1. Live On Your Own

Living alone might be scary, but it teaches you so many things. It’s an opportunity to get to know everything about yourself and have some one-on-one time. You will learn how to be financially independent, as well as emotionally independent, both of which are highly rewarding. Whether you’re paying your bills or spending a weekend by yourself, everything new you do will give you strength. For a blissful married home life, you have to first know how to be comfortable alone. 


  1. Teach Yourself To Cook

Knowing how to fend for yourself in the kitchen is an important part of being a grown-up. Whether you live by yourself or not, you shouldn’t have to rely on another person to cook your food. Although restaurants and takeouts are always an option, the most nutritious meals are handmade. Plus, they’re a lot cheaper too. Start by learning a few simple recipes and then move on to more complex ones as you learn new skills. You’ll be putting the pros to shame in no time. 


  1. Chase That Dream Job

Being married means having to consider a whole other person every time you make a life decision. This is why it’s best that you get the biggest choices out the way beforehand. Chasing a job is much more productive than chasing a man. Even if you feel like you’re getting nowhere, you’re taking the steps you need to live a better life. No dream is too big if you’re willing to work for it. Because of this, you should do some research and learn what you need to do to succeed. 

  1. Experiment With Your Style

Fashion and beauty are all about experimentation, so make sure you get plenty of this done before settling down. Try out all of the newest hair care products and shop the latest style trends. Even if you regret some of your choices later, there is lots to learn from the experience. After all of the horrific mistakes, you will eventually find hairstyles, outfits, and makeup looks that you love and feel confident wearing. It’s this confidence that will help you get wherever you want to go. 

  1. Make Memories With Friends

Getting married is bound to change your friendship circle. As you adjust to married life, you’ll find that you have less and less time to spend with the girls. Rather than hang as a group, you and your partner will go out together, perhaps with other couples. This is why it’s important that you nurture the relationships you have with your good friends. Even if you don’t see each other often, you should talk all the time and try to get together regularly and create some amazing memories.

  1. See The Whole World

There is much more to life than the four walls of your home. Rather than settle for the usual, you must take a step outside your everyday life and see the rest of the world. Even if you can’t set foot in every country, you must visit all the places you want to. Take the time to experience other cultures, try new foods, and meet interesting people. Although traveling with your partner can be rewarding, you should allow yourself the chance to experience these things alone or with friends. 


  1. Throw Out The Clutter

We all have way too much clutter in our lives. Even if you don’t think you notice the mess, it does weigh on your mind. For this reason, you should take the time to throw out all of the junk. Purge your home of anything you no longer want or need, including torn clothes, pointless souvenirs, and old letters. Stop calling the organized piles of junk organized and instead put things where they belong. Make sure you clear your heart of clutter too, by ditching toxic friends and boys. 


  1. Suffer A Major Heartbreak

In the words of Kelly Clarkson and moms everywhere, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. While a heartbreak might seem like the worst thing in the world, it does a lot more good than harm. Only after a heartbreak do you realize just how precious love is. Without having your feelings stomped on in the past, you might have taken your marriage for granted. It’s much better to have your heart broken before you tie the knot than a few months into a new marriage. 


  1. Face Your Biggest Fears

Before you can take care of someone else, you have to be able to take care of yourself. This means being able to face your fears without having a breakdown. Everyone’s fears are different, with some people being scared of clowns, others heights, and often spiders too. If you encounter your fear, you don’t want to have to rely on someone else to get you through the panic. When you can calm yourself down and get through a scary situation, you know that you’re independent. 


  1. Pay Off Those Debts

Money can cause huge problems in a relationship, whether you’re married or not. After all, even without shared accounts, your spending habits are likely to affect your partner’s finances, just like theirs do yours. The worst wedding present you can give your new spouse is a mountain of debt. This is why it’s best that you try to clear your debts before you tie the knot. It’s unlikely to be an easy task, but it is the responsible thing to do. If you need any help, there is plenty out there.

  1. Start A Fun Hobby

Even loving couples need time away from each other now and then. By pursuing your own interests, you will give yourself something to do without your partner. Having an outlet to express yourself will not only relieve the stress in your life, but it will make you a happier person too. There are many hobbies that you could get into, from writing to painting, and even yoga. If you can find a class or group for your interest, that is even better, as it will help you to make friends. 

  1. Have A Huge Fight

Couples don’t have to agree on everything. In fact, most disagree on a lot of things. If you enter into a marriage without ever having a fight, you won’t know how your spouse handles conflict. You must have a partner who is a willing participant in open communication. When a person always blames the other for all of their problems, it only makes the situation worse. Being able to disagree calmly and come to a resolution that you’re both happy with is a sign of maturity. 


  1. Talk About The Future

While couples can certainly disagree, there are a few topics with which you must be on the same page. Children, money, and careers can all have a huge impact on a marriage. If your partner wants kids, but you don’t, there is no way to make you both happy. Before committing to one another forever, you need to make sure that you’re marrying someone you’re compatible with. Skipping this conversation to avoid an argument will only lead to heartbreak later.

  1. Clean Up Your Act

Getting married is a very mature thing to do. After all, you’re committing to love and cherish another person for the rest of your life. Because there isn’t a set age a person should be ready for marriage, you must check with yourself that you are. If there are improvements to be made, then clean up your act. Ditch the late nights, start eating nutritious meals, and work out every day. While this will make you a better partner, you must make these changes for your sake. 


Only you know when you’re ready to get married. Everyone’s relationship is different, after all. If you want to enter a successful marriage, however, it can help to hit the milestones above first. 

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